What does 411 mean in texting?

What does 411 mean in texting?

communicating information
What Does 411 Mean? The term “411” is an Internet slang used in chat as a way to talk about communicating information.

What’s the 411 synonym?

lowdown, scoop, tidbit. (also titbit), tip.

What was 411 used for?

Most phone companies allow you to access directory assistance service by dialing “411.” Other directory assistance services require a different dialing pattern such as 555-1212, a toll free number or a number that starts with “10-10.” Charges will vary significantly, check the rate before using any directory assistance …

What does 411 mean in love?

In such a situation, angel number 411 brings the message of the unconditional love of the Divine for you and your beautiful soul. Your spiritual team would like you to offer yourself the type of endless love you offer others.

Can you get 411?

But here’s the good news: you can actually reach directory assistance for free. Just dial 1-800-FREE-411 (or 1-800-373-3411) from your phone instead.

Why is 411 information?

“Directory assistance” came to be known as “Information,” and by the early 1980s, 411 (usually pronounced “four-one-one”) was being used as a slang term for just that—information—and usually in the phrase “give me the 411 (on).”

What is the meaning of directory assistance?

Definition of directory assistance US. : a service that people can call to get the telephone number for a person or organization.

Where did the term 411 come from?

What is the 611?

For customers of some telephone companies in Canada and in the U.S., 6-1-1 is the abbreviated dialing telephone number used to report a problem with telephone service, or with a payphone. It is an N11 code of the North American Numbering Plan that are used for special services.

Is 411 a thing?

Here’s How to Get Free 411 Just dial 1-800-FREE-411 (or 1-800-373-3411) from your phone instead. This version of directory assistance is advertiser sponsored, so you’ll have to listen to a 10-second ad before you reach an agent. But the service is easy to remember, simple to use, and best of all, free.

Is 411 still a thing?

A company spokesman said, “As other search engines have become more widely used in recent years, we are ending support for wireless 411 on Nov. 1. The 411 service will remain available at a pay-per-use rate via landline.”

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