What do you mean by Wilful?

What do you mean by Wilful?

Definition of willful 1 : obstinately and often perversely self-willed a stubborn and willful child. 2 : done deliberately : intentional willful disobedience.

What is the difference between Wilful and willful?

Willful is the American spelling of the adjective meaning (1) done on purpose, or (2) intent on having one’s own way. Wilful is the preferred spelling in all the main varieties of English from outside North America. Both spellings appear about equally often in Canadian publications. Wilful is the original spelling.

Who is a willful person?

willful, headstrong, perverse, wayward refer to one who stubbornly insists upon doing as he or she pleases. willful suggests a stubborn persistence in doing what one wishes, esp. in opposition to those whose wishes or commands ought to be respected or obeyed: that willful child who disregarded his parents’ advice.

Is willful a positive word?

While being full of will, or determination, doesn’t necessarily seem like a bad thing, the word willful is negative in meaning. Use it when someone is behaving in a stubborn or uncooperative manner.

How do you use willfully in a sentence?

1. He’s either badly misinformed or willfully lying. 2. People who know they are positive will not willfully transmit the virus.

What is the sentence of Wilful?

Wilful sentence example. He is notorious for his wilful exaggeration, both in narrative and numerical statements. This cannot be equated with wilful neglect of a child. She is very quick-tempered and wilful , and nobody, except her brother James, has attempted to control her.

What is another word for willfully?

OTHER WORDS FOR willful 2 intransigent; contrary, refractory, pigheaded, inflexible, obdurate, adamant.

What is Wilful misconduct?

The judge found that “wilful misconduct”‘ referred to conduct by a person who knows that he is committing, and intends to commit a breach of duty, or is reckless in the sense of not caring whether or not he commits a breach of duty.

What means biddable?

Definition of biddable 1 : easily led, taught, or controlled : docile. 2 : capable of being bid.

What are the examples of willful act?

An example of someone willful is a child that refuses to eat at a meal. An example of something willful is the action of a puppy that is determined to eat all of the shoes it can find. Said or done on purpose; deliberate. Willful disregard of the rules.

How do I use vie?

  1. vie (with somebody) (for something) She was surrounded by men all vying for her attention.
  2. The boys would vie with each other to impress her.
  3. They are all vying for a place in the team.
  4. a row of restaurants vying with each other for business.
  5. vie (to do something) Screaming fans vied to get closer to their idol.

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