What do you mean by bald?

What do you mean by bald?

1 : lacking a natural covering (as of hair) 2 : lacking extra details or exaggeration a bald statement. Other Words from bald. baldness noun. bald.

How do you use the word bald?

Bald sentence example. The little man shook his bald head. A wax candle stood at each side of the minister’s bent bald head with its gray temples. Murimuth has no merits of style, and gives a bald narrative of events.

What is a bald statement?

A bald statement is in plain language and contains no extra explanation or information. The bald truth is he’s just not happy. Synonyms: plain, direct, simple, straight More Synonyms of bald. baldly adverb [ADV with v] “The leaders are outdated,” he stated baldly.

What is mean by bald-Headed?

adverb. Definition of bald-headed (Entry 2 of 2) : in a rush without care or caution : precipitately she came out bald-headed and accused me of having stolen the case— Valentine Williams the planes went bald-headed for the enemy squadron.

Why is it called Bald?

You may be wondering why they’re called “bald” when they obviously have white feathers on their heads. The name actually comes from an old English word — piebald — which meant “white-headed” rather than hairless. Bald Eagles live near large bodies of open water.

What does bald mean in old English?

Origin. Middle English probably from a base meaning ‘white patch’, whence the archaic sense ‘marked or streaked with white’. Compare with Welsh ceffyl bal, denoting a horse with a white mark on its face.

Who has no hair?

Use the adjective bald to describe someone who has no hair on his head. If your uncle has a smooth, hairless scalp, he’s bald. Some men are bald because they shave their heads, while others have become bald gradually over the years.

Does bald mean white?

“Bald” comes from the old English word “balde,” meaning white.

What’s another word for bald head?

What is another word for bald?

baldheaded baldpated
balding baldy
receding bald-headed
bald-pated chrome-domed
skin head thin on top

What do you mean by scalp?

Definition of scalp (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : the part of the integument of the human head usually covered with hair in both sexes. b : the part of an animal (such as a wolf or fox) corresponding to the human scalp. 2a : a part of the human scalp with attached hair cut or torn from an enemy as a token of victory.

Did bald mean white?

Why is eagle called bald?

A bald eagle’s white head may make it look bald. But actually the name comes from an old English word, “balde,” meaning white. These graceful birds have been the national symbol of the United States since 1782. Bald eagles were on the brink of extinction because of hunting and pollution.

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