What do you do for variable decelerations?

What do you do for variable decelerations?

Also, you can take certain steps to treat late decelerations and improve fetal oxygen supply.

  1. Lie down in the left lateral, knee-chest, or right lateral position to relieve compression of the large vein (or vena cava) by your pregnant uterus.
  2. Your doctor might administer oxygen in response to late decelerations.

What are the nursing interventions for variable decelerations?

Nursing interventions for treatment of variable decelerations are aimed at reducing umbilical cord or fetal head compression and include changing maternal position to relieve pressure on the umbilical cord, administering an IV fluid bolus which may improve blood volume and profusion and possibly improve fetal heart …

What is the management of deceleration?

The principal goal of management of late decelerations is to: Replenish uteroplacental blood flow by correcting the underlying cause. Increase fetal PO2. Prevention or correction of fetal acidemia.

Are there any corrective actions for early decelerations?

As early decelerations are not associated with decreased fetal oxygenation or metabolic acidosis, they do not require any treatment. However, it is crucial to continue to monitor FHR tracings throughout labor to recognize any patterns that may be a concern regarding changes in the acid-base status of the fetus.

What is a typical variable deceleration?

Pure variable decelerations are typical variable decelerations without signs of atypia. They consist of an initial acceleration, rapid deceleration of the fetal heart rate to the nadir, followed by rapid return to the baseline fetal heart rate level with secondary acceleration.

What is a variable deceleration?

Variable deceleration. An abrupt* decrease in FHR below the baseline. The decrease is ≥15 bpm, lasting ≥15 secs and <2 minutes from onset to return to baseline. The onset, depth, and duration of variable decelerations commonly vary with successive uterine contractions. Prolonged deceleration.

Do variable decelerations mirror contractions?

Early decelerations appear to be caused by vagal discharge produced when the head is compressed by uterine contractions. The onset and depth of early decelerations mirror the shape of the contraction, and tend to be proportional to the strength of the contraction.

What is variable deceleration?

What are complicated variable decelerations?

COMPLICATED VARIABLE DECELERATIONS Decelerations occurring in the context of baseline bradycardia. Decelerations that drop ≤70bpm or last for ≥60 seconds.

Are variable decelerations common?

Variable decelerations of the fetal heart rate are the most common changes noted during continuous fetal monitoring.

What is the cause of variable deceleration?

Common causes of variable decelerations include vagal reflex triggered by head compression during pushing and cord compression such as that caused by short cord, nuchal cord, body entanglement, prolapsed cord, decreased amniotic fluid, and fetal descent.

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