What did mayella do wrong?

What did mayella do wrong?

Atticus says that the only think that Mayella had done wrong, was to tempt (flirt with) a black man “and not an uncle but a young, strong black man”, and her father saw it. Now she is trying to erase the crime that she has done with another, by claiming that an innocent man (Tom) had sexually assaulted (raped) her.

How did Tom help mayella?

Tom testifies that he always passed the Ewell house on the way to work and that Mayella often asked him to do chores for her. On the evening in question, he recounts, she asked him to come inside the house and fix a door. Mayella told him she had saved her money and sent them all to buy ice cream.

How does Atticus build his case?

The single issue that Atticus builds his case on is the fact that Mayella Ewell seemed to have been beaten by a left handed person. Bob Ewell, her father, was left handed. Tom Robinson, who she said raped her, had a withered left hand that had no strength in it.

What startling revelation is made about Tom?

What startling revelation is made about Tom? When Tom stands up, everyone in the court can see that he is crippled on his left side. His left arm is twelve inches shorter than his right arm and it hangs useless at his side, ending in a small shriveled hand. He was injured as a child, picking cotton for Dolphus Raymond.

Why does Dill become sick?

As was mentioned in the previous post, Dill becomes sick when he sees how Mr. Gilmer is disrespectfully speaking to Tom. In the middle of the cross-examination, Dill begins to cry. Scout does not get a chance to hear the rest of Tom’s testimony because Jem makes her take Dill out of the courtroom.

Why did scout pity mayella even though?

Scout had pity for Mayella because she realized she had a lonely and difficult life. Scout notices Mayella during the trial, and even though she should have a strong dislike for the girl because of what Mayella has put Atticus through, instead Scout feels sorry for her.

What do we learn from mayella’s testimony?

– Mayella’s testimony reveals her motivation for accusing Tom Robinson of the crime. Her reactions to Atticus’ questions and her answers depict a terrible, almost animalistic home-life where each person struggles to survive illness, hunger and abuse. – Mayella has difficulty keeping her story straight.

Why does Tom help mayella with chores?

Tom helps Mayella because he feels sorry for her. This was his downfall, for a black man to feel sorry for a white woman. In that era, racism upheld that prohibition. This statement by Tom is probably what got him convicted.

Why does Mr Gilmer refer to Tom as boy?

Gilmer calls Tom “boy” because Dill realizes this is a disrespectful term. Tom has admitted that he helped Mayella because he felt sorry for her.

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