What did Matthew Flinders discover on his expedition?

What did Matthew Flinders discover on his expedition?

After sailing with the famous Captain Bligh on the Providence, Flinders’ adventures brought him to Australia onboard the Reliance. In 1796 he explored the coastline around Sydney in a tiny open boat called Tom Thumb. He next proved that Tasmania was an island by finding and sailing through Bass Strait.

What was Matthew Flinders most famous expedition?

the circumnavigation of Australia
Flinders was involved in several voyages of discovery between 1791 and 1803, the most famous of which are the circumnavigation of Australia and an earlier expedition when he and George Bass confirmed that Van Diemen’s Land was an island.

What is Matthew Flinders most famous for?

Lauded Down Under, but largely forgotten in his native England, Flinders was a prominent navigator and cartographer, famous for completing the first ever circumnavigation of Australia – a country he also helped name.

What happened to Matthew Flinders cat?

During one of his outdoor explorations in 1804, the cat failed to return, much to the distress of Flinders. He believed Trim had been eaten by a hungry slave but this was never proven. Flinders wrote about the demise of his friend: “Thus perished my faithful intelligent Trim!

Was Matthew Flinders married?

Ann ChappelleMatthew Flinders / Spouse (m. 1801–1814)

Who sent Matthew Flinders journey?

The boats they used for each of the expeditions were no more than three metres long. In 1798 Governor John Hunter gave Flinders, now a lieutenant, command of the sloop Norfolk and in this he and Bass circumnavigated Van Diemen’s Land, proving it to be an island.

Who did Matthew Flinders explore the coast with in 1796?

George Bass
Upon first reaching Australia’ shores in 1796, Flinders began exploring parts of the NSW coast south of Sydney with his friend George Bass. The first two trips took place in small open boats, both called Tom Thumb; the second of these involved some dramatic events.

Who was Matthew Flinders wife?

Ann ChappelleMatthew Flinders / Wife (m. 1801–1814)

What ship did Matthew Flinders sail on?

In the 1790s, Matthew Flinders voyaged to New South Wales in the HMS Reliance, and explored sections of the colony on Tom Thumb I and Tom Thumb II. He circumnavigated Van Diemen’s Land [Tasmania] with Bass in HM Sloop Norfolk.

When did Matthew Flinders go on his first expedition?

Matthew Flinders has his first and second expeditions as captain and he gets a desire to roam the seas. Jan 24, 1801 Flinders starts his expedition on the Investegator Flinders and Bass start their expedition to circumnavigate Australia.

What are the key dates in the life of Flinders?

A timeline of key dates and world events. 16th March – Flinders born at Donington, Lincolnshire, England. 26 January – entered at Mr. Whitehead’s School for reading only. 4 March – begins writing at Mr.Whitehead’s. December – Matthew is reported to be learning well, particularly Latin. 24 July – starts at the Reverend Shingler’s Boarding School.

What is the best book on Matthew Flinders’Voyage?

Matthew Flinders’ Narrative of his Voyage in the Schooner Francis 1798, preceded and followed by notes on Flinders, Bass, the wreck of the Sidney Cove, &c. London: Golden Cockerel Press. Tugdual de Langlais, Marie-Etienne Peltier, Capitaine corsaire de la République, Éd. Coiffard, 2017, 240 p. ( ISBN 9782919339471 ). Scott, Ernest (1914).

Where can I find Matthew Flinders’map of Australia?

The Matthew Flinders Electronic Archive at the State Library of New South Wales. Matthew Flinders’ map of Australia High resolution image of the complete map.

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