What color is cocobala?

What color is cocobala?

A tropical wood laminate design in red-brown tones.

What sizes does Wilsonart Laminate come in?

What is the size availability for Wilsonart® Compact Laminate? Panel widths include 30″, 36″, 48″ and 60″; lengths are 96″, 120″ and 144″.

What is the thickness of Wilsonart laminate?

Typical results for Wilsonart® Vertical Grade 335 (VGP) Laminate is 7/16″ (11.1mm) outside and 3/16″ (4.8mm) inside radii. Smaller radii may be achieved depending on the postforming equipment and the degree of craftsmanship.

What is Wilsonart fine velvet finish?

#38 FINE VELVET TEXTURE A smooth textured finish with moderate reflective value. Recommended for horizontal and vertical applications.

What is Wilsonart laminate used for?

Recommended Uses Wilsonart® RE-COVER™ Laminate is suitable for flatwork use on fine quality residential and contract furniture, casework designs, as well as architectural applications for wainscoting, valances, cornices, interior doors and divider systems.

How thick is countertop laminate?

Laminate countertops have a standard thickness of an inch and a half, though fabricators can produce various thicknesses. Some homeowners prefer a thicker countertop to mimic stone.

What is quarry finish?

#52 Quarry – Premium Premium finish emulating the “pitted” look of polished natural stone. Available on a select number of designs only. Recommended for horizontal and vertical application. Quarry finish features AEON™ Enhanced Performance Technology and carries a premium upcharge.

What is the difference in laminate finishes?

The key difference between high- and low-end laminates is generally the finish of the material. Higher-end products offer greater variety in luster or sheen and texture. They also come in a broader range of colors.

Is Wilsonart laminate good quality?

Wilsonart has always been a dependable name in laminate countertops, and their HD® product line features laminates with greater visual depth and up to fives times the wearability of standard laminates. These products also incorporate antimicrobial protection.

Is Wilsonart a good laminate?

Wilsonart® in High Definition Not only do Wilsonart HD countertops look amazing, their textured finishes also feel amazing, and their durability is unrivaled in the laminate industry. With hundreds of options available, their wide variety of colors and designs is sure to include the countertop you’ve had on your mind.

Are Wilsonart countertops heat resistant?

WILSONART® FIRE-RATED LAMINATE Offered High Gloss, Textured Gloss and Matte finishes, Fire-Rated Laminate is scientifically formulated to resist extreme heat, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns that look great in any setting.

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