What color is Asellus Australis?

What color is Asellus Australis?

Asellus Australis is a main star in the constellation Cancer and makes up the constellation outline. Based on the spectral type (K0III) of the star, the Asellus Australis colour is orange to red .

What is the surface temperature of Asellus Borealis?

9,108 KGamma Cancri / Surface temperature

How far away is Iota Cancri from Earth?

332.7 light yearsIota Cancri / Distance to Earth
Iota Cancri (ι Cnc, ι Cancri) is a double star in the constellation Cancer approximately 300 light years from Earth.

What is Asellus Borealis magnitude?

4.673Gamma Cancri / Magnitude

What is the magnitude of Asellus Australis?

3.94Delta Cancri / Magnitude

How far away is Asellus Borealis?

181.3 light yearsGamma Cancri / Distance to Earth

How far is Gamma Cancri from Earth?

What kind of star is Asellus Borealis?

A-type subgiant star
Gamma Cancri / Asellus Borealis is a white A-type subgiant star of spectral type A1IV. This star has around 2.18 solar masses and 2.5 solar radii. It is five times bigger than our Sun. Asellus Borealis is 36 times brighter than our Sun, while its surface average temperatures have been recorded at 8,800 K.

What color is Asellus Borealis?

Asellus Borealis is a white A-type subgiant star of spectral type A1IV. It has an apparent magnitude of 4.652, and an absolute magnitude of around +1.1.

Is Delta Cancri A main sequence star?

A is itself a binary star whose components are Delta Cancri Aa (formally named Asellus Australis /əˈsɛləs ɔːsˈtreɪlɪs/, the traditional name of the entire system) and Ab….Delta Cancri.

Observation data Epoch J2000.0 Equinox J2000.0
Distance 131 ± 1 ly (40.0 ± 0.4 pc)
Absolute magnitude (MV) +0.843
Mass 1.71 M ☉

How far away is Altarf?

Visual Facts

Primary Name Altarf The Sun
290.44 Light Years 8 Lt. Mins, 20 Lt. Sec.
89.05 Parsecs 0.000004848 Parsecs
18,367,753.01 Astronomical Units 1
2007 Distance from Earth 10.75000 Parallax (milliarcseconds) N/A

How old is the star Beta Cancri?

Based on parallax measurements obtained during the Hipparcos mission, it is approximately 290 light-years distant from the Sun. An exoplanet, designated Beta Cancri b, is believed to be orbiting the star….Beta Cancri.

Observation data Epoch J2000 Equinox J2000
Database references

What is Asellus Australis?

Fixed star Asellus Australis, Delta Cancri, is a 3.9 magnitude orange giant star located on the shell of the Crab, Cancer Constellation. The traditional name Asellus Australis is Latin for The Southern Donkey Colt. Fixed star Asellus Australis has been called the Mare Ass, A Resting Place, and the Ending or Stop. [1]

Where is Asellus Australis/Delta Cancri star located?

Asellus Australis (Delta Cancri) is a orange to red giant star that can be located in the constellation of Cancer. Asellus Australis / Delta Cancri Star Facts (Type, Distance, Magnitude, Mass, Colour, Luminosity, Location & more)

What is the fourth magnitude of the Asellus?

The northern one, Gamma Cancri, to the northeast of the Beehive, then takes on the name Asellus Borealis, the brighter fourth magnitude (3.94) southeastern one of the unrelated pair the name Asellus Australis.

What is the nature of the Aselli?

The Aselli are of the nature of Mars and the Sun (heroic, courageous, defiant, intrepid leader, warlike, danger to the eyes, violent death.) Together they give care and responsibility, with a charitable and fostering nature, but danger of violent death, serious accidents and burns.

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