What choir sings at the Vatican?

What choir sings at the Vatican?

The Sistine Chapel Choir
The Sistine Chapel Choir, as it is generally called in English, or officially the Coro della Cappella Musicale Pontificia Sistina in Italian, is the Pope’s personal choir. It performs at papal functions in the Sistine Chapel and in any other church in Rome where the Pope is officiating, including St. Peter’s Basilica.

Who sang in the Sistine choir?

In a group photograph of the choir taken in 1898, there were six castrati choristers left, apart from Mustafa who had retired from singing—Domenico Salvatori (1855–1909), Alessandro Moreschi (1858–1922), Giovanni Cesari (1843–1904), Vincenzo Sebastianelli (1851–1919), Gustavo Pesci (1833–1913), and Giuseppe Ritarossi ( …

How many singers made up the Sistine Chapel Choir What was the breakdown by voice part?

Up to this time the number of singers had varied considerably, there being sometimes as few as nine men and six boys. By a Bull dated November, 1483, Sixtus IV fixed the number at twenty-four, six for each part.

Can you sing in the Sistine Chapel?

Women sing with a different timbre to men, so to hear that sound, the wonderful richness that women sing with on that piece, is very unusual in the Sistine Chapel… because, of course, it’s an all-male choir.

Who was the organist and a choir master worked both in the Sistine St Peters Basilica?

In 1537 he was one of the choirboys at the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, where he also studied music between 1537 and 1539. In 1544 Palestrina was engaged as organist and singer in the cathedral of his native town. His duties included playing the organ, helping with the choir, and teaching music.

Which two great composers were strongly associated with the Sistine Chapel Choir describe the music of these composers in detail?

Two of the greatest composers associated with the pope’s music and the Sistine Chapel Choir were Josquin Desprez (circa 1440-1521) and Giovanni Palestrina. Greenberg says that although Desprez’s music isn’t as well-known as it should be today, he was the greatest composer of the mid-Renaissance.

What subject did Michelangelo paint on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Two of the most important scenes on the ceiling are his frescoes of the Creation of Adam and the Fall of Adam and Eve/Expulsion from the Garden. In order to frame the central Old Testament scenes, Michelangelo painted a fictive architectural molding and supporting statues down the length of the chapel.

What is happening in the creation of Adam?

Creation of Adam is a famous religious moment in the teachings of Christianity which remains strong within Italy. The painting captures the scene of God breathing life into Adam who was to become the first man and was later joined together with Eve who helped to start off the human race as we know it.

What is Pope music?

“Pope” is a recitation for unaccompanied voice, composed by Juan María Solare. It is based on text by Alfred Edward Housman. The 17-minute work was composed in Cologne, Germany and Saint-Germain des Angles in Évreux, France, between July 9 and July 27, 1996.


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