What channel is PBS in Reno Nevada?

What channel is PBS in Reno Nevada?


Reno, Nevada United States
Channels Digital: 15 (UHF) Virtual: 5
Branding PBS Reno
Affiliations 5.1: PBS 5.2: Create 5.3: PBS Kids

How can you watch PBS?

On iOS & Android, enjoy the latest from PBS from your mobile phone or tablet. You can now easily stream PBS programs by simply downloading the free PBS App.

What is PBS Reno Passport?

You can watch PBS Reno broadcasts LIVE online or mobile devices anytime! Watch PBS KIDS characters and shows anytime on PBS KIDS Reno live stream. Featuring cooking, travel, home, gardening, arts and other lifestyle series. PBS Passport is a benefit of your PBS Reno membership. Stream favorites.

How can I get PBS for free?

There are three ways to watch PBS shows without cable: You can subscribe to YouTube TV, the lone skinny bundle that offers PBS; use an antenna to watch it for free over-the-air; or use the PBS Video app, which is available on multiple platforms.

Is American public television the same as PBS?

Many mistakenly refer to the entire public television system as “PBS.” However, The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is not a network (like NBC or FOX), but rather a member-based association of public television stations organized to buy and distribute programs.

What does PBS Passport include?

The PBS Passport library features episodes from popular programs, including American Experience, American Masters, Antiques Roadshow, Nature, NOVA, and Masterpiece.

What is the difference between PBS Passport and Masterpiece?

PBS passport has all of your local PBS content plus all of the Masterpiece shows. PBS Masterpiece is just that. PBS Masterpiece streaming service has more than Passport. Example: Passport only has season 1 of Professor T, but Masterpiece has all 3 seasons.

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