What can I do with glitter glue sticks?

What can I do with glitter glue sticks?

Use your imagination with Tecbond 12mm coloured and glitter glue sticks to create beautiful glittering patterns, motifs and writing on almost any surface. Transform pots, Xmas cards, decorations, gifts, novelty items, presents, arts and crafts and many more applications.

What are some fun things to do with glue?

Glue Projects for Kids!

  • Paint on Wet Glue from Housing a Forest.
  • Homemade Silly Putty from Coffee Cups & Crayons.
  • Slime from The Pleasantest Thing.
  • Cosmic Suncatchers from Babble Dabble Do.
  • DIY Glue Paint from the Pleasantest Thing.
  • Batik prints from Pink and Green Mama.
  • Glue Ornaments from Dirt and Boogers.

How do you make slime with glitter glue?


  1. Pour out the entire contents of a 6 oz of Elmer’s Glitter Glue into a bowl.
  2. Add ½ tbsp of baking soda and mix thoroughly.
  3. Add 1¼ tbsp of contact lens solution.
  4. Mix until mixture gets harder to mix and slime begins to form.
  5. Take the slime out and begin kneading with both of your hands.

What do you do with glitter glue for kids?

5 Awesome Glitter Glue Art Ideas for Little Kids

  1. Glittering While Coloring. This is an especially simple art project that uses basic coloring book images or simple clip art images, printed on white card stock.
  2. Handmade “Stained Glass” Art.
  3. A Fancy “Stained Glass” Picture.
  4. Stars, Ghosts, and Fireworks.
  5. “My Name” Sign.

Is glitter glue messy?

Glitter glue is much easier to use than standard glue and loose glitter because the glue and the glitter are already combined together, making it less messy and easier to control. Embellish any craft project with glitter glue.

What can you make with school glue?

18 Unusual Uses for School Glue

  • Step 1: Quick and Easy Splinter Removal.
  • Step 2: DIY Lip Stain.
  • Step 3: Keep Frays Away.
  • Step 4: Crackle!
  • Step 5: Seal Pruned Plants.
  • Step 6: Fix a Loose Screw.
  • Step 7: Temporary Hair Highlights/Glitter Streaks.
  • Step 8: Quick, Easy, and Cheap Decoupage.

What can I make with a hot glue gun?

17 Insanely Cool Things You Can Do With A Hot Glue Gun

  • Swap glue sticks for crayons to create awesome wax art.
  • Seal your envelopes old-school style with wax seals.
  • Plug up bath toys with a simple dot of glue.
  • Decorate a plain vase with a textured effect.
  • You can also paint over your designs to create custom jars.

How do you make Elmer’s slime?

Elmer’s Colored Slime 1/2 TBSP of Baking Soda 1 TBSP of Contact lens solution 4 fl oz Elmer’s White school glue Your choice of food coloring 1. Find a bowl, cup, or plate to mix your slime in 2. Pour out the entire contents of a 4oz of Elmer’s school glue into the bowl.

How do you make slime with glitter glue and not Elmer’s?

In a medium mixing bowl pour the bottle of glitter glue in. Next add in the baking soda and mix well. Then stir in half of the contact solution and mix well. Continue adding SMALL amounts of contact solution until you get to your desired slime consistency.

How do you use glitter on paper?

  1. Lay down a craft mat or a parchment paper on your work surface.
  2. Place the paper you are working on on your craft sheet.
  3. Lay down some glitter glue on the paper. You can use one color or as many colors as you would like.
  4. Blow the glitter glue with a straw to spread it as far as you would like.
  5. Allow to dry.

Can you write with glitter glue?

Decorate the tops of the rocks with the glitter glue; you could write names or words, draw shapes like flowers or bugs, or simply cover them with a cool design.

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