What battery does a Peugeot 206 use?

What battery does a Peugeot 206 use?

Looking for an Peugeot 206 battery? Then you’ve come to the right place….Our Customers Have Previously Fitted…

Previous Customer’s Model Battery
Peugeot 206 1.4 Petrol 52 027
Peugeot 206 SW 1.4 hdi Diesel 06 027
Peugeot 206cc 1.6 Petrol 53 027
Peugeot 206cc 1.6 Petrol 2005 027

How do you open a Peugeot battery?

Remove the battery cover. Using a 10mm socket and extension, remove the bolt and retaining plate that holds the battery in place. Pull the battery forward and using your wrench, remove the negative terminal. Remove battery.

How much does a Peugeot battery cost?

The average battery replacement starts at around $150 and can increase to $550+ depending on the brand selected and the type required.

How much is a car battery in South Africa?

A new car battery costs from R400 to R1500 and your dealer may charge another R300-R800 to have it replaced. Replacing a car battery as a do-it-yourself project is not very difficult but the battery is quite heavy. Lifting it out of the car can be hard on your back.

What is a BSI on a Peugeot?

BSI = Built-in Systems Interface The BSI unit is basically a computer which handles a multitude of functions such as odometer value, central locking, lights and immobiliser.

Why is the stop/start not working on my Peugeot?

Low battery charge is the most common reason for the Peugeot 308 stop start not working. Internal temperature of the battery is too cold or too hot. This is usually from below -5°C or above 60°C.

How do you take the battery out of a Peugeot 2008?

Let’s get started!

  1. Locate the battery and ECU assembly.
  2. Using your 10mm socket, remove the negative battery terminal.
  3. Remove the positive terminal by lifting up the retaining clip.
  4. Use the flat screwdriver to gently pry the hold down clip out of the battery tray.
  5. Remove battery.

What battery does Peugeot 308 have?

Duracell 096 / DA74 Advanced Car Battery.

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