What are trading hours on Anzac Day?

What are trading hours on Anzac Day?

TRADING HOURS: Unrestricted, except for closure on 25 December (Christmas Day) and Good Friday and until 1:00pm on 25 April (ANZAC Day). Independent retail shops that are predominantly food and/or grocery shops are totally unrestricted.

Are shops closed on Anzac Day NSW?

Anzac Day is a restricted trading day, so most Coles, Woolworths and Aldi stores and bottle shops will not open until 1pm. Many IGA and Bunnings stores will remain open, but hours may differ.

Do shops close on Australia Day?

In NSW, ACT, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Victoria it’s pretty much business as usual, as businesses aren’t subject to restricted trading hours on public holidays, including Monday January 27th.

Can you trade on public holidays?

ZAR trading hours ZAR trading will be closed on South African public holidays. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange opens for trading at 09:00am. Between 8:45am and 09:00am the markets are in auction and trading is suspended.

Can you buy alcohol on Anzac Day?

Trading hour restrictions No alcohol is sold on or delivered from the premises on Good Friday, Christmas Day, or before 1pm on Anzac Day.

Are Coles closed Anzac Day?

Service NSW: Closed on Anzac Day. Australia Post will be closed. Woolworths: All stores open at 1pm. Coles: All stores open at 1pm.

What’s open on anzac day perth?


  • The Shorehouse. Restaurant. Open 7am–late.
  • Island Market Trigg. Restaurant. Open 7am–late.
  • Coogee Common. Restaurant. Open 11am–2.30pm.
  • Gordon St. Garage. Restaurant.
  • Market Grounds. Bar. Open 12pm–9pm.
  • The Galway Hooker. Bar. Open 12pm–9pm.
  • Besk. Bar. Open 12pm–9pm.
  • La Cholita. Restaurant. Open 5pm–10pm.

Are supermarkets open on Australia Day in South Australia?

South Australian Treasurer Rob Lucas has announced that all shops will be allowed to trade on Australia Day between the hours of 11am to 5pm regardless of its size or location.

Can you invest when the market is closed?

Can I use a market order to trade a stock after hours? No, a market order cannot be used in after-hours trading. Most brokerage firms only accept limit orders in after-hours trading to protect investors from unexpectedly bad prices that may result from the lower trading volumes and wider spreads during this session.

Can you buy alcohol on Easter Monday 2021?

While the law states a “remote sale of alcohol may be made at any time on any day”, it’s not allowed to be dropped off until a less-religious day rolls around – Saturday, or Easter Monday, in this case.

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