What are the three main categories or types of codes of ethics?

What are the three main categories or types of codes of ethics?

The main types of codes of ethics include a compliance-based code of ethics, a value-based code of ethics, and a code of ethics among professionals.

What is code of conduct in ethics?

A code of conduct is the most common policy within an organization. This policy lays out the company’s principles, standards, and the moral and ethical expectations that employees and third parties are held to as they interact with the organization.

What are the key elements of code of ethics?

The code of ethics usually includes the six universal moral values that state you expect employees to be trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, caring and good citizens. You can also include values such as celebrating diversity, using green standards in the workplace, or dress codes.

What is your code of ethics as a professional web developer?

As a professional Web developer, I adhere to the following code of ethics: I will deal honestly and fairly with my clients at all times, making every effort to deliver work within the estimated time frame and budget.

What are the ethical principles of web design?

When no rule exists, use the full ethical principles of web design to create new ones. Uphold the duty of care: to the client, to the user, to the information, and to the future. To put these principles into practice use, a deontological checklist at the bottom of the article to guide decision-making processes.

What is the Code of ethical and professional standards in HRM?

This Code of Ethical and Professional Standards in Human Resource Management is one part of an overall ethics initiative undertaken by SHRM. The Code will be supplemented by resources and services which SHRM members can use to promulgate ethics programs within their own organizations or chapters.

Who wrote the Code of ethics?

The Code was written entirely by SHRM members and volunteer leaders with the assistance of the Ethics Resource Center (ERC) and SHRM staff. The ERC is a non-profit, nonpartisan educational organization located in Washington, DC.

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