What are the best weapons in Dragon Quest 8?

What are the best weapons in Dragon Quest 8?

Anyway, my setup went like this:

  • Hero: Metal King Spear/Dragovian King Sword.
  • Yangus: Conquerer’s Axe.
  • Angelo: Über Falcon Blade.
  • Jessica: Gringham Whip.
  • Red (3DS exclusive): Liquid Metal Sword/Kaleidescope.
  • Morrie (3DS exclusive): Megaton Hammer.

Where can I buy a shimmering dress dq8?

The shimmering dress has a defence bonus of +45, and a 33% reflection rate. It may be purchased in Gotha and Lofty Peak for 8000 gold.

Where is dodgy Dave dq8?

Dodgy Dave is a minor character in Dragon Quest VIII that the party visits behind the bar in Pickham to acquire information on Medea….Game.

Request Reward
Ring of Immunity Bandit Axe
Robe of Serenity 6000g
Sandstorm Spear Happy Hat
Crimson Robe Big boss shield

How do you get the Falcon Blade in Dragon Quest 8?

Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed KingEdit The Falcon blade has an Attack bonus of +37 and returns to 75% per hit. It can be purchased from the Baccarat Casino for 10,000 tokens and can be sold for 5,000 gold coins.

How do you get a meteorite bracer in Dragon Quest 8?

Meteorite bracers can be crafted in a furnace using the recipe of ten gold and five silver. It increases movement speed when worn.

Where can I buy nook grass?

Nook grass cannot be bought and can only be gotten as a gift from NPCs. It is first given to the party by Marta for Marek, and then eventually Marek will be the one to dispense the rare herb. It sells for 600g.

Where can I find Saint’s ashes in Dragon Quest 8?

Dragon Quest VIII The ashes are rare to come by in the early game until the party reaches the Baccarat Casino where it can be bought for 5000 tokens. Some places where the ashes can be found are the Dark Ruins, Godbird’s Eeryie and Black Citadel. The item can also be dropped by dark creatures later in the game.

How do you get Jessica at the end of dq8?

Defeat Rhapthorne again. Then, go and see King Clavius at the cathedral at night. When he asks if you like Princess Medea, answer “No”, then “Yes” and “Yes” to the last two questions. This will unlock the new alternate ending where the Hero marries Jessica in the cathedral.

Where can I buy brighten rock?

They can be found lying on the ground in certain spots (see Map of material locations in Dragon Quest IX). Brighten rocks can sometimes be found by smashing pots. They are also drops from Goodybags, monsters found in Iluugazar Plains and The Bowhole.

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