What are some drow names?

What are some drow names?

Drow Surnames

  • A’Daragon.
  • Abaeir.
  • Abbylan.
  • Argith.
  • Baenre.
  • Beltaulur.
  • Blaerabban.
  • Blundyth.

How do drow names work?

This is mostly done by using the Drow words for numbers in children’s names. “Uss” means “one,” and “ust” means “first” in the Drow language. Thus, the first child might be named Faeryn’Ust. “Draa” translates to “two,” and “drada” means “second.” The second child to the mother might be named Aeryn’Drada.

What do the drow call themselves?

The Underdark dwelling elves do refer to themselves as Drow, however, more commonly Drow would identify as being part of a noble house or as a devout of the spider deity Lolth first and foremost.

What language do drow speak?

Christopher Perkins on Twitter: “Drow speak Elvish, duergar speak Dwarvish, and many representatives of both races also learn Undercommon.

What is a drow rogue?

A drow rogue is immune to the spell web, and has a +4 bonus to saving throws versus poison. The drow rogue can cast darkness as a spell-like ability once per day with a caster level of 10 for the level 11 rogue and 15 for the level 18 and 26 rogue. He also has two tanglefoot bags.

How old do drow live?

Drow live as long as elves, although in their violent society it is rare for any individual to live longer than 400 years. Drow begin schooling at age 8, and enter adolescence at age 20, where they enter an apprenticeship. Those who survive the harsh drow culture reach adulthood at age 80.

How are Driders made?

Creation. Driders were created from drow in an agonizing process that required a yochlol, or to be more precise Lolth’s power as channeled through the demon, during the ritual that initiated the process. Only drow could be turned into driders.

Do drow have fangs?

Famous weapons included the bolts of power, death lance, whip of fangs, drow mission blade, hand spinneret, and the queen’s scourge.

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