What are finger mullet good bait for?

What are finger mullet good bait for?

Bait Fish. Finger mullet is known for being the prey of choice for several fish, including redfish, bluefish and flounder. At the end of the summer and through fall, these predatory fish will be out looking to catch some of the many finger mullet.

Is mullet a good bait fish?

Finger mullet are a seasonal estuarial visitor. Brackish water areas come alive with schooling finger mullet as hot summer days settle in. This creates a feeding bonanza for many fish species like sea trout, redfish, stripes, and flounder.

What type of fish eat mullet?

You’re likely to get crushed by one of a variety of species including jumbo trout, redfish, snook, jacks, tarpon and bluefish. Other times, mullet just sort of mill about the surface, often with their dorsal fins exposed.

Can you catch mullet on a hook?

Because they feed primarily on algae, detritus and other tiny marine invertebrates, catching mullet is typically done with a cast net. Reeling in with a hook and line requires a great deal of patience.

How do mullet obtain energy?

Mullet are diurnal feeders, consuming mainly zooplankton, dead plant matter, and detritus. Mullet have thick-walled gizzard-like segments in their stomach along with a long gastrointestinal tract that enables them to feed on detritus.

Why do mullet fish jump out of the water?

“Mullet jump to breathe air.” The trapped air is believed to allow the fish to remain active in water of low oxygen concentration for about five minutes.

Will mullet take a lure?

Try not to spook the shoal, I know that can be hard. What normally happens is one or more Mullet will spot the lure and detach from the shoal and chase the lure.

What bait do mullet like?

The Best Baits for Mullet Fishing

  • Bread Flakes. A simple flake of white bread is considered one of the most successful types of bait for attracting mullet fish.
  • Maggots.
  • Mackerel Flesh.
  • Algae.

Where do you hook poddy mullet?

We normally rig them the same as a Yellowtail,behind the back of the head and tail,if you just rig them on one hook in the head area you will miss fish because lots of times we have had just the head left on the hook after a big bite.

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