What are DJ quotes?

What are DJ quotes?

DJ Quotes

  • Anyone can be a DJ but it’s understanding how to read a crowd and keeping them on the floor is what takes years of experience.
  • The best thing about being a DJ is making people happy.
  • You don’t need a band to do hip-hop; you only need a DJ.
  • I’m a DJ.

How do you praise musician quotes?

10 Inspirational Quotes All Musicians Can Appreciate

  1. 1. ” Music can change the world because it can change people.” –
  2. 2. ” Music is the universal language of mankind.” –
  3. 3. ” Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.” –
  4. 4. ” You can’t stay the same.
  5. 5. ” Music was my refuge.
  6. 6. ”
  7. 7. ”
  8. 8. “

How do you praise a DJ?

Thank you very much. I am glad that we got someone so professional. I just wanted to thank you for Friday night, the DJ did a fantastic job playing great music that got everyone going on the dance floor! The music was great, everyone had such a good night and the DJ was fantastic!

How would you describe a good DJ?

7 Hidden DJ Qualities

  • Passion. Not only do you love music, but you have an intense passion for DJing, and it shows: You basically eat, breathe, and even sleep it!
  • Self-awareness about what makes you unique.
  • Helpfulness.
  • Humility.
  • A “head for business”
  • A sense of realism.
  • Pure, blind faith.

How do you compliment someone’s music?

“Perform as much as you can as you have bags of potential.” “Good connection on stage between performers.” “You stand out as an individual performer.” “Great musicianship, you play with confidence and vocally you have a really good tone.”

How do you comment on good music?

Judges comments

  • “Great musicianship, you play with confidence and vocally you have a really good tone.”
  • “Vocally you have a great tone and really good control on the high notes, a great overall performance.”
  • “Vocally you have a booming voice and bags of character in your tone.”
  • “Great power and control are all there!”

How do you thank a wedding DJ?

Dear, Thank you for being the D.J. at our wedding. You were professional, organized and lots of fun.

How do you compliment a DJ?

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