What animal is jet vac?

What animal is jet vac?

Biography. Jet-Vac was the greatest, most daring flying ace in all of Windham. He was given his magical wings when he was young, as was the tradition for all Sky Barons. But when his homeland was raided, he chose to sacrifice his wings to a young mother so she could fly her children to safety.

What are Story Scrolls?

Story Scrolls are collectible items in the console versions of the Skylanders series, mostly with the appearance of very worn paper. Each scroll tells about Skylands’ history or details of certain characters and items, or anecdotes from certain characters.

Is there a battle mode in Skylanders Trap Team?

Battle Mode has been replaced by Arena Modes in the installment of Skylanders: Swap Force and features five new gametypes. This game mode has since been absent in Skylander games after Swap Force.

How do you fix a broken skylander?

On a console version you place the figure on the portal and get the broken toy message, hit pause and go to the main menu. From there in settings go to general and you will see fix a broken toy. Hit that three or four times and it should fix it. However, it will reset the toy.

Who voiced jet vac?

Greg EllisJet-Vac / Voiced by

What weapon does Stealth Elf use?

Being quite swift and agile, Stealth Elf able to skewer and slash swiftly at her enemies with her daggers. She can also create scarecrows of herself that wield scythes to attack other foes and can bring forth a copy of herself as a decoy to distract other enemies while she turns invisible.

What is the role of new media in the development of digital storytelling?

It enhances the experience for both the author and audience and allows for greater interactivity. With the arrival of new media devices like computers, digital cameras, recorders, smart phones, and software, individuals may share their digital stories via the Internet, on discs, podcasts, or other electronic media.

Is skylanders a fighting game?

Skylanders Fighters is a fighting game.

Does swap Force have PvP?

In Skylanders: Swap Force, when in PvP mode, all Skylander elemental advantages have been eliminated. This now allows a fair chance of winning for any Skylander in battle.

How do you open the bottom of a skylander?

After thE base is oFf,probably yoU can pry it open With a knife or somethinG. You just need to Notify a mod to move it there,though,no need to double thread post.

How old is KAOS from Skylanders Academy?

Also, Who is Kaos father? Eon, also known as Master Eon is one of the main supporting characters in Skylanders Academy. He is father of Kaos which was revealed in the last episode of Skylanders academy series 3….short, crazy, and evil human.

Kaos ★
Age 49
Species Human
Gender Male
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