What ammo does the anti material rifle use Fallout New Vegas?

What ammo does the anti material rifle use Fallout New Vegas?

Anti-materiel rifle expanded The AMR delivers a high power shot at long distances with great accuracy, although chambered in a larger caliber for hardened targets….Durability.

Ammunition type Durability
Shots Reloads
Standard, AP, match, incendiary & explosive 470 59

What ammo does the anti material rifle use?

In general, anti-materiel rifles are chambered for 12.7×99 mm NATO (. 50 BMG), 12.7×108 mm Russian, 14.5×114 mm Russian, and 20 mm cartridges.

Where can I find anti material rifle mods?


  • Gun Runners, sold by Vendortron.
  • Hidden Valley, sold by Torres.
  • Various merchants around the Mojave Wasteland.

How much strength does an anti material rifle need?

Anti-materiel rifle

Skill Guns 100
Strength Req. 8

Is a 50 cal anti material rifle?

The offensive use of anti-materiel rifles or special application scoped rifles (SASR) is termed hard target interdiction (HTI) by the United States military. The U. S. Army Browning M2 . 50-caliber machine gun, which can be fired single shot as a sniper rifle, fits in this category.

What can stop a 50 cal?

50 caliber rounds as well as steel — at less than half the weight. Summary: Researchers have demonstrated that vehicle armor using composite metal foam (CMF) can stop ball and armor-piercing .

Can you silence the anti material rifle?

Large caliber weapons can’t be completely silenced. The mods for the anti-material rifle and sniper rifle are called suppressors and the wiki states they reduce the weapon’s noise but do not silence it. You still need to be at a decent range to use the suppressed AMR stealthily.

What does GRA mean in New Vegas?

Gun Runners’ Arsenal
Gun Runners’ Arsenal (truncated as GRA) is a Fallout: New Vegas add-on released on September 27, 2011, along with Courier’s Stash.

What are the best weapons in Fallout New Vegas?

[Top 10] Fallout New Vegas Best Weapons And How To Get Them 1. Esther. Coming in at number 1 we have Esther! In our number one spot, we have another great addition from the Gun… 2. Mysterious Magnum. Coming in at number 2 we have the Mysterious Magnum! This is another iconic gun in the fallout…

What weapons can you sneak on Fallout New Vegas?

Target’s Perception statistic.

  • Sneaking character’s Sneak skill.
  • Sneaking character’s stance plays a much smaller role than the above two factors
  • The light level from the day/night cycle plays a small factor too,but again a much smaller one than the Perception statistic and the Sneak skill.
  • What is the most powerful armour in Fallout New Vegas?

    the most powerful armor in the game is the T-51b power armor (although its VERY rare) fallout.wikia.com/wiki/T-51b_power_armor_ (Fallout%3A_New_Vegas) most powerful weapon probably the anti-material rifle Is Fallout New vages an add on? Fallout: New Vegas has a total of four pre-order bonuses and six add-on packs.

    What gun uses .223 ammo in Fallout New Vegas?

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