Should you destroy the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout New Vegas?

Should you destroy the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout New Vegas?

Originally posted by Squat: Should I kill the BoS? Yes. Its worth noting that the Brotherhood of Steel chapter here in Nevada are not tied to the rest of the BOS directly.

Can you win Fallout New Vegas with the Brotherhood of Steel?

Not specifically, no. You can, however, have the Brotherhood join in the battle at Hover Dam at the end of the game on the side of the NCR. You have to have a good rep with both factions and talk the NCR leadership into an alliance in order to do this.

What happens if you kill the Brotherhood of Steel Fallout New Vegas?

Killing all Brotherhood personnel in the bunker will also complete the objective. This path will lead to karma loss, as some of the named Brotherhood scribes and paladins are considered “good” non-player characters.

Do you have to kill the Brotherhood of Steel for Mr House?

House requires you to kill the Brotherhood of Steel. This mod adds an option by which the player can pass a speech check to persuade House to spare the Brotherhood. … To use the mod a player must first receive the quest « The House Always Wins V » from Mr.

Can you avoid destroying the Brotherhood of Steel?

One does not need to blow up the Brotherhood Of Steel bunker; killing the members is sufficient.

How do I get idolized by the Brotherhood of Steel?

Complete the mission they give you (for Hardin it’s to kill the Van Graffs, for McNamara it’s to tap into the radar at Black Mountain), and you will get “idolized”. It may be that you need to complete Veronica’s mission as well, and get her to stay with the BOS.

Is it better to kill Mr House?

You can remove House’s access to his systems without killing him… well, without killing him straight away. It will kill him eventually, and he’ll spend the intervening time locked in a metal coffin with no access to the outside world. So, it’s up to your conscience whether that’s an improvement.

Can you peacefully deal with the Brotherhood of Steel?

If Still in the Dark has been completed, and McNamara remains Elder, a truce can be signed between the Brotherhood and the NCR. Go to McNamara and tell him the NCR wants them destroyed, he will then offer a truce.

What happens if you tell yes man to ignore a faction?

Alternatively, one can simply tell Yes Man to ignore the faction, thereby skipping the need to deal with them. Even if one has told Yes Man to ignore a faction, the player character can go back once you’ve earned their assistance and change your opinion of them through dialogue.

Can you be idolized by the Brotherhood of Steel?

Yes it is possible to be idolized by the BOS. After completing the first quest involving the air filtration system, and the missing laser pistol, ask either McNamara or Hardin about joining the Brotherhood.

Should I give the Platinum Chip to Mr House?

Yeah, go ahead. The Platinum Chip never actually leaves your inventory once you get it from Benny or Caesar even if you do upgrade the Securitrons at the Bunker, so you can use it to kill House at anytime.

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