Is YouMix real?

Is YouMix real?

YouMix is an international online-based entertainment company, which works through an internet portal. They scout talents from all over the world to make into exclusive stars that get to record songs and post them online for people to view.

Who does Ludmila end up with?

At the end of Season 2, Ludmila was very upset because her plan with Diego didn’t work out as they planned, and they failed once again. But when Federico returned the Studio, she started to have feelings for him. In the end, they kissed and became a couple.

What is Federico in Violetta?

The name Federico means ‘peaceful ruler’. He was chosen as one of the eight contestants for the reality show “Talents 21” and won.

What happens if you take all your pills at once?

1. The more meds you take, the higher the risk of harmful drug interactions. Having multiple meds in your system can cause them to work differently than they’re supposed to—and may even make them less effective.

What happens when you take different pills at the same time?

You are at higher risk for drug interactions. An interaction is when one medicine affects how another medicine works. For example, taken together, one medicine may make the other medicine stronger.

Who does Jade end up with in Violetta?

Nicolas Cortes
She’s vain, superficial and hates Violetta and Angie. She’s Matias’s sister, whom she fights a lot with. She is currently married to Nicolas Cortes. Jade is portrayed by Florencia Benítez.

Where can I watch Violetta Season 4?

Violetta – watch online: streaming, buy or rent Currently you are able to watch “Violetta” streaming on Disney Plus.

Why does Federico live with Violetta?

Federico is an exchange student at Studio On Beat. He’s from Italy and currently, he stays at Violetta’s house because his mother is a friend of Germán’s.

How many pills are too many?

Taking more than five medications is called polypharmacy. The risk of harmful effects, drug interactions and hospitalizations increase when you take more medications. 2 out of 3 Canadians (66%) over the age of 65 take at least 5 different prescription medications.

What song does Violetta sing in youmix?

The YouMix producers think that Violetta is too good to pass up, so they agree to let her stay the way she is. YouMix sponsors the mid-year show in Episode 40, in which the students sing ‘ On Beat ‘ and ‘ How Do You Want Me To Love You ‘.

What is youmix talents 21?

When the Studio is going through financial difficulties after the mid-year show, YouMix sends them a proposal to host a reality show starring the students called ‘ Talents 21 ‘. The winner will get to record an album and become an exclusive star for YouMix.

Who are the winners of the youmix competition?

The Studio and YouMix work together to organise a dance competition for the students, in which the winners will get to go to Spain and perform there. The winners are Violetta and Leon, and Francesca and Diego.

What song does Marotti ask Violetta to sing in Episode 20?

In Episode 20, YouMix hosts an online show available to the public on their website in which the students sing ‘ Being Stars ‘, ‘ Euphoria ‘ and ‘ Be Mine ‘. After the show, Marotti asks Violetta to become an exclusive star for them, after seeing her talent during the show.

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