Is Wiseco a good brand?

Is Wiseco a good brand?

Absolutely. Wiseco pistons are among the finest powersports pistons available. Unlike most OEM or other aftermarket pistons, Wiseco pistons are forged in-house at their own manufacturing facility.

What’s better vertex or Wiseco?

vertex are cast and wiseco are forged. you run a higher risk of ring seizing the wiseco and less chance of skirt breakage but on the vertex you have less seizure problems and higher breakage problems. if you do wiseco do a proper break in.

Who makes Wiseco?

Wiseco was acquired as a new stand-alone company by Dover in early 1998.

Where are Wiseco parts made?

Wiseco cranks made in China.

Are Wiseco pistons forged?

For over 70 years now, Wiseco is one of the oldest and best manufacturers of forged pistons. They are one of the few companies that make forged pistons in the U.S. Owing to their high quality, from which car racing has benefited, Wiseco pistons are popular for engine tuning as well.

Are wiseco Pro Lite pistons forged?

Extreme racing conditions demand the strength and toughness that only forged pistons can offer and Wiseco leads the performance aftermarket by producing the highest quality forged pistons available.

Are Vertex Pistons cast or forged?

Vertex pistons are gravity cast from an aluminum alloy with 18% silicon content. Silicon is important because: It decreases thermal expansion, which changes the geometry after the piston reaches operating temperature.

Is Wiseco a good piston?

My take on it is the Wiseco is a better piston and has less of a chance of becoming shrapnel in your motor. The deal with a Wiseco is that it does expand faster on start up than a stock piston since it is forged.

Where do you measure Wiseco Pistons?

PISTON TO CYLINDER WALL CLEARANCE – Wiseco pistons are designed with a special cam and barrel design. When measuring for piston to wall clearance, measure at widest point of piston skirt 1.300″ from bottom of oil ring groove, 90 degrees from wrist pin hole.

Do Wiseco pistons come with rings?

Wiseco pistons come with 1 piston, ring set, wrist pin, and circlips. Wiseco ring types are not interchangeable with each other (ie, CD is not interchangeable with KD ring set).

What is better cast or forged pistons?

In the casting process, the alloy molecules are free to settle where they please, creating a random grain structure, and opening up the potential for weak spots. This is why forged pistons are fundamentally stronger than cast.

Are Vertex 2 stroke pistons forged?

Well known Vertex pistons from Italy. They make a complete range of 2 and 4 stroke race pistons for the off-road markets of motocross and enduro. Two stroke pistons are made from gravity cast aluminium alloy with silicone content. Four stroke pistons are forged for superior strength and durability.

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