Is UBC good for economics?

Is UBC good for economics?

The Vancouver School of Economics at UBC is ranked top in Canada, and in the top 20 such departments in the world. UBC economics alumnus, Robert Mundell won the 1999 Nobel Prize for Economics, following his groundbreaking analysis of exchange rates and monetary policy.

How hard is it to get into UBC economics?

Applicants must be in good academic standing and meet a minimum overall average of 60% calculated on the last 27 to 30 credits of coursework and a minimum core average of 65% calculated on the required Mathematics, Economics and English Writing courses.

Is Vancouver School of Economics good?

The Vancouver School of Economics is consistently ranked the top economics school in Canada and among the top 25 worldwide. Students from more than 50 countries learn from leading experts in economics, finance and international trade.

How is UBC International Economics?

UBC’s Vancouver School of Economics is consistently ranked number one in Canada and among the best in the world, with an established tradition of research excellence, high-quality graduate and undergraduate education, and community engagement.

Is UBC Commerce hard to get into?

UBC Commerce (Sauder BComm) receives over 5,000 applicants and has only around 800 spots available for the entering class. This makes it one of the most competitive programs in Canada.

Can you double major at UBC?

Double Major program: This program involves specialization in two fields of study. It is an ambitious program allowing a dual focus, but with few electives outside the subjects of the Majors. More than 120 credits may be required to complete this program.

Is SFU a good uni?

Simon Fraser University remains Canada’s #1 comprehensive university, according to Maclean’s Magazine’s 2022 university rankings. This year, this top honour is shared with the University of Victoria, who were also ranked #1. SFU has placed first in the comprehensive category for 13 of the last 14 years.

How is UBC International economics?

What is the acceptance rate for BIE at UBC?

FYI: The admissions rate for BIE is actually 74%.

What is Sauder acceptance rate?

6% (2015)UBC Sauder School of Business / Acceptance rate

Should I go to UBC or SFU for business?

They are both solid universities but I am going to SFU because residence at UBC is quite expensive and SFU is closer to my home-town. SFU also has better co-op programs for a business student even if the school might not be as prestigious. SFU Alum.

What is the difference between Simon Fraser University and UBC?

University of British Columbia ranks #3 nationally, while Simon Fraser University ranks #1 as Canadian Comprehensive University. The national rankings for SFU is #11. Top recruiters at UBC were Deloitte, P&G, Labatt, Netsle, Telus, GE Healthcare, etc. Base salaries offered were around $90,000 to the postgraduates.

What is the rivalry between UBC and SFU?

It’s been held on and off for 33 years, with SFU leading UBC 17–15–1. Business majors will also be familiar with the rivalry between Beedie School of Business and UBC’s Sauder School. Barbs are often traded over which school is “better,” and a quick search on Google will turn up endless forum disputes on the subject.

Is SFU a good school for business?

SFU also has better co-op programs for a business student even if the school might not be as prestigious. SFU Alum. The biggest thing about SFU is that it is a commuter campus.

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