Is the gateway to hell still burning?

Is the gateway to hell still burning?

As noxious methane gas leaked into the air, geologists decided to set the crater on fire, estimating that the gas within would only burn for a few weeks. Fifty years later, the Gates of Hell are still blaze — and have even become one of Turkmenistan’s top tourist destinations, according to AFP.

How long will the gate to Hell burn?

50 Years
The Gates Of Hell Is a Perpetually Burning Sinkhole That May Finally Be Extinguished after 50 Years.

Why are they extinguishing the gates of hell?

Lilit Marcus for CNN reports that Turkmenistan officials believe there are good environmental reasons for the closure, stating that it’s a waste of natural resources; that the crater leaks methane gas, which is damaging to the atmosphere; and that the gas has negative health effects for nearby residents.

When did the gates of hell start burning?

The ‘Gates of Hell’ may finally be closed, Turkmenistan’s president announces. This gaping hole in the desert has been burning nonstop since 1971.

Who is the dictator of Turkmenistan?

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow

Arkadag Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow
Personal details
Born 29 June 1957 Babarap, Turkmen SSR, Soviet Union
Nationality Turkmen
Political party Independent (2013–present)

How was the door to hell formed?

Here’s how the ‘Door to Hell’ was formed. A gas drilling mishap back in 1971 gave birth to the giant hole emitting fire. The Darvaza gas crater is 60 metres in diameter and around 20 metres deep. The pit was lit by geoscientists to ensure that the gas does not spread outward.

How long will Darvaza gas crater burn?

Expecting dangerous releases of poisonous gases from the cavern into nearby towns the engineers considered it advisable to burn the gas off. It was estimated that the gas would burn out within a few weeks, but it has instead continued to burn for more than 50 years and is expected to keep on burning.

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