Is Roman reign related to The Usos?

Is Roman reign related to The Usos?

The Usos are members of the renowned Anoaʻi family of Samoan wrestlers, which also includes their father Rikishi, uncle Umaga, their father’s cousins the late WWE Hall of Famer Yokozuna, Roman Reigns, and through a blood brotherhood between their great-grandfather Reverend Amituana’i Anoa’i and Peter Maivia, The Rock.

Are The Rock and USOS related?

Dwayne Johnson, aka, The Rock is an 8-time WWE World Champion. He comes from a prestigious bloodline of the Samoan Wrestlers. While he is advertised on WWE television to be the cousin of Roman Reigns and The Usos, they are not technically related. His legitimate cousin who is currently in the WWE, however, is Nia Jax.

Is Roman reign related to The Rock?

No blood relation between Reigns and The Rock The Anoa’i family is one of the most decorated wrestling families in the history of the sport. Many champions have come through its lineage and Reigns is the grandson of Amituanai. Considering that Amituanai and Peter were blood brothers, the Rock and Reigns are cousins.

Is Rikishi and Roman Reigns related?

Fatu is a member of the famous Anoaʻi family. He is the father of twin sons Jonathan and Joshua Sammy (born August 22, 1985), who currently wrestle in WWE as Jimmy and Jey Uso. He is also the cousin of Leati Anoa’i, who wrestles in WWE as Roman Reigns.

How is Roman Reigns related to yokozuna?

Yokozuna is Reigns’ first cousin. He is the son of Junior Anoa’i who is Roman Reigns’ Uncle. Yokozuna’s real name is Rodney Anoa’i. His WWE legacy is prominent in the Anoa’i family.

Are Roman Reigns and Jason Momoa related?

Despite so many similarities in looks and heritage, Roman Reigns is not related to Jason Momoa.

Is Roman Reigns and Nia Jax related?

Jax hails from a respected family of professional wrestlers — the Anoa’i family. She is related to a number of well-known wrestling stars through the family tree, including Tamina, Roman Reigns, and Dwayne Johnson, who is her cousin.

Is Rikishi The Rock’s cousin?

As you guessed, Rikishi is also real-life cousins with The Rock and part of the Anoa’i family. With the giant family tree, the relations between Rock and Rikishi are distant and complicated. Both men have had tremendous careers; Rikishi won four championships and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015.

Is The Rock related to Roman Reigns and the Uso brothers?

Lia Maivia Johnson, The Rock’s mother, and Sika Anoa’i, Roman Reigns’ father are the first Cousins. This makes Roman Reigns and The Rock the second Cousins.

Is The Rock and Nia Jax related?

Is Seth Rollins related to Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins’ history, in The Architect’s words | WWE. Seth Rollins takes us through his long, tumultuous history with his former Shield “brother” Roman Reigns.

Are Roman Reigns and Jey Uso cousins?

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, longtime WWE mainstays and former WWE Tag Team Champions Jimmy and Jey Uso are the cousins of Roman Reigns. The Usos’ father is none other than the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Rikishi himself, also a cousin of Reigns as we covered earlier.

Is the rock related to Roman Reigns?

Here is how the entire family tree looks It should be noted that while Roman Reigns does call The Rock his cousin, they aren’t technically related. As mentioned, Maivia and Trovale were blood brothers. Interestingly enough, The Rock does share a legitimate family relationship with Nia Jax.

Who are the members of Roman Reigns’family of wrestlers?

Meet 15 Members of Roman Reigns’ Incredible Family of Wrestlers 1 Rosey 2 Manu 3 Rikishi 4 Nia Jax 5 Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka 6 Haku 7 The Usos 8 Deuce 9 Peter Maivia 10 Naomi

Are the rock and the rock related to the family?

Family members have comprised several tag teams and staples within a variety of promotions. This is their official family tree: WWE superstar Roman Reigns and The Rock belong to the same family tree and the two are cousins by relation. Their family has many notable wrestlers, including The Usos who are Roman Reigns cousins.

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