Is Phantom Stranger a hero or villain?

Is Phantom Stranger a hero or villain?

In his second comic book series, the Phantom Stranger became a truly supernatural hero. The Phantom Stranger played a major part in Neil Gaiman’s The Books of Magic, taking protagonist Tim Hunter through time to show him the history and nature of magic.

Is the Phantom Stranger powerful?

A mystery wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in a black cloak and a fedora, the Phantom Stranger is easily one of the most enigmatic characters ever created. His true origin has never been revealed. He is vastly powerful and yet rarely steps out of an advisory role unless there is no other choice.

Why is the Phantom Stranger cursed?

For his sins, the wizards cursed Judas to walk the Earth for eternity along with Pandora and an unnamed figure resembling the Question. The curse ensured that he would be a stranger to all and a silent observer to sin (especially greed).

Can Phantom Stranger beat Spectre?

The Spectre transforms The Phantom Stranger into a rodent, rather than killing him outright, because even The Spectre’s power would be insufficient to kill The Phantom Stranger.

Who can defeat the specter?

If there’s a mortal being who could figure out a way to defeat The Spectre, Thanos would be the one to do it. He’s got the intelligence, will, and grit to pursue that end to its ultimate conclusion, which could end in disaster for The Spectre.

Who killed the Anti-Monitor?

of Earth-Three; Darkseid; Superboy of Earth Prime; and Kal-L, the Superman of Earth-Two) were able to weaken the Anti-Monitor enough for Kal-L to deliver the final blow, destroying the Anti-Monitor by punching him into a star.

Is the Spectre God?

The Spectre has all the abilities of God, including, but not limited to, manipulation of time and space, manipulation of matter and energy, invulnerability, limitless strength, and reality alteration. Virtually anything he wishes to do to those he judges is possible.

How powerful is Klarion the Witch Boy?

In Young Justice, Klarion’s nature as a Lord of Chaos makes him considerably more powerful than his original counterpart. He has reality warping abilities, he can travel through wormholes and can easily dispel binding magic cast on himself.

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