Is NaBr soluble in acetone?

Is NaBr soluble in acetone?

Chem 334 – Fall 2004. 1. Iodide ion is a good nucleophile and sodium iodide is quite soluble in acetone. On the other hand, sodium chloride and sodium bromide have low solubilities in acetone.

Are NaCl and NaBr soluble in acetone?

NaCl/NaBr are insoluble in acetone while NaI is soluble.

Is NaCl soluble in acetone?

Sodium chloride is poorly soluble in water: 26.41 wt % at 20°С, and practically insoluble in acetone (3.2 × 10–5 wt % at 18°С). In water–acetone mixtures, as the concentration of acetone increases, the solubility of NaCl decreases.

Is NaBr soluble or insoluble?

NaBr is an ionic compound. When it is mixed with water, it dissolves readily. The solubility of this salt can be explained on the basis of the nature of the solute and solvent.

What is acetone can dissolve?

Acetone is capable of dissolving many fats and resins as well as cellulose ethers, cellulose acetate, nitrocellulose, and other cellulose esters. Because of the latter quality, acetone is used extensively in the manufacture of artificial fibres (such as some rayons) and explosives.

Which of the following is soluble in acetone?

Answer: A common one would be tosylamide-formaldehyde resin. Both of these dissolve in the acetone, and would be considered solutes, the acetone is the solvent.

Why is NaCl insoluble in acetone?

When the lattice energy is larger than the energy released by solvation of the ions, namely that of Na+ by complexation with acetone, the compound becomes insoluble and precipitates from the solution (source).

Is nano3 soluble?

Commonly referred to as “Chile saltpeter”, this compound consists of a sodium cation (Na+) and a nitrate anion (NO3–). At room temperature, sodium nitrate exists as a white, crystalline solid which is highly soluble in water.

Which test will identify NaBr?

Add concentrated sulfuric acid to aqueous NaCl and heat the solution HCl vapor is produced. Add concentrated sulfuric acid to aqueous NaBr and heat the solution. You will see brown color bromine vapor is produced.

Is acetone polar or nonpolar solvent?

Acetone is a polar molecule because it has a polar bond, and the molecular structure does not cause the dipole to be canceled.

Is acetone chemically stable?

What are the stability and reactivity hazards of acetone? Chemical Stability: Normally stable. Conditions to Avoid: Open flames, sparks, static discharge, heat and other ignition sources.

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