Is musky fishing good in the fall?

Is musky fishing good in the fall?

Weather, and its effect on muskie activity, almost works in reverse in the fall. While a warming trend with a ridge in place generally produces the best fishing throughout June, July and August, a consistent warmer pattern in the fall can often give fisherman a dud.

Where do musky go in the fall?

Muskie will also move towards points, submerged islands and other shallow water in search of warmer water and prey. Locate baitfish schools. Baitfish can be found suspending over main lake structures or humps, around points or oxygen-producing vegetation—it’s basically buffet grounds for predators.

Do muskies bite in the fall?

Stable weather, a preferable condition of summertime, with a warming trend and southerly winds, rarely produces big results in the fall. Instead, cold fronts are usually what trigger big autumn muskie bites. In fact, the later you fish into the fall period, the more likely it is a cold front will trigger the big bite.

How do you fish muskies in the fall?

Where to Catch Fall Muskies

  1. Remaining Foliage. Most areas of the country experience a semi to full weed kill as the water cools off.
  2. Main Lake Structure and Points.
  3. Bait Schools.
  4. Sunrise/Sunset.
  5. Moonrise/Moonset & Underfoot/Overhead.
  6. New Moon/Full Moon.
  7. Big Baits = Big Fish.
  8. Jerkbaits.

What depth are muskies in the fall?

“I pattern muskies around particular lakes that are ‘blooming hard’ prior to the fall turnover and key in on water between five and 12 feet deep. Water temps start dropping with the cooler nights, which brings fish that have been spending most of their time out deeper into the shallows.”

What is the best bait for muskie fishing?

Bucktails – Bucktails are arguably the most popular bait used by musky anglers. Bucktails produce vibrations in the water that are easily felt by a musky’s lateral line. Bucktails can be retrieved at any speed, depending on the conditions.

How old is a 30 inch musky?

The young musky fingerlings will reach 7 to 13 inches by the end of the summer. They continue to grow fast until they are five years old. The male muskellunge mature in about four to five years at 28 to 31 inches. The females mature in about five to seven years at 30 to 36 inches in length.

How do you fish muskie from shore?

“Get away from shore, and if the muskie is moving away from you, set the hook hard. If the muskie is not swimming, lift with the rod tip to pressure it. At some point it will want to swim away, and that’s when to set the hook.” The exact bait placement required for shore-fishing has its advantages.

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