Is Miya the strongest Sekirei?

Is Miya the strongest Sekirei?

Miya specializes in swordsmanship and is strongly implied to be the strongest Sekirei, even referred to by Karasuba as from “another dimension” (Yume, Karasuba’s workmate and rival, only garnered “foul player”).

How many Sekirei does Minato get?

six Sekirei
Minato has “winged” six Sekirei, each of whom physically reacted to him prior to winging, with the first five choosing him as their Ashikabi.

Who shares a seiyuu with Miya Asama?

Monica Rial is the English dub voice of Miya Asama in Sekirei, and Sayaka Ohara is the Japanese voice.

Does Minato have Sekirei powers?

Abilities and Sekirei As an Ashikabi, Minato has the ability to allow his Sekirei to gain temporarily a power boost after trading a kiss with them.

Who does Minato marry?

Sahashi Minato
Gender Male
Birthday Sep / 15
Family Sahashi Yukari (Sister) Minaka Hiroto (Father) Sahashi Takami (Mother) Musubi (First Wife) Kusano (Second Wife) Matsu (Third Wife) Tsukiumi (Fourth Wife) Kazehana (Fifth Wife) Homura (Sixth Wife/Husband)
Horoscope Virgo

Who was homura in Naruto?

Homura Mitokado was one of the members of Team Tobirama together with Hiruzen Sarutobi and Koharu Utatane. He spent many years defending Konoha from its enemies. After retiring from the Shinobi-Force he became a Merchant and made much money with it. He also spent much time as advisor of the Third Hokage.

How many episodes is Sekirei?

List of Sekirei episodes

No. of episodes 25
Original network Chiba TV, KBS Kyoto, Nagoya Broadcasting Network, Sun TV, Tokyo MX, TV Hokkaido, TV Kanagawa, TV Saitama, AT-X, TVQ
Original release July 2, 2008 – September 26, 2010

Who is Shina Kagari?

Kagari Shiina (椎名 かがり, Shiina Kagari) is one of the characters of Steins;Gate 0. She is a war orphan and the adopted daughter of Mayuri Shiina in 2036 in the Beta Attractor Field.

Is Kagari makise daughter?

Kagari Shiina is the adopted daughter of Mayuri Shiina and is one of the main characters of Steins Gate 0. In the year 2036 Timeline Beta 1.129848% we firstly meet Kagari as she and Suzuha are sent to the past to prevent Kurisu Makise’s death. Later on we learn that Kagari was adopted by Mayuri in the Year 2034.

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