Is Lee Massachusetts a good place to live?

Is Lee Massachusetts a good place to live?

Overall, Lee is a very quaint and quiet place to live. However, the surrounding region mainly tailors to tourists, second homeowners, and even wealthy and entitled locals. Unfortunately, the town is usually seen as a bridge between Pittsfield and Great Barrington, the two epicenters of tourism in the Berkshires.

What is Lee MA famous for?

Lee has become a popular tourist destination, noted both for its New England charm and its bed and breakfast establishments. It is known as the “Gateway to The Berkshires” because it provides one of only two exits on the Massachusetts Turnpike that serve the county, and the only one going eastbound.

Is Lee Ma safe?

Is Lee, MA Safe? The A- grade means the rate of crime is lower than the average US city. Lee is in the 84th percentile for safety, meaning 16% of cities are safer and 84% of cities are more dangerous. This analysis applies to Lee’s proper boundaries only.

Is the Berkshires a good place to live?

The Berkshires attract residents from all walks of life in search of comfortable living and a little piece of outdoor heaven. Some of the best places to live in within Berkshire County are such due to their pristine outdoor activities, small town feel and of course, excellent neighborhoods.

What is the elevation of Lee Massachusetts?

1,000′Lee / Elevation

In what county is Boston MA?

Suffolk CountyBoston / County

What region is Attleboro MA in?

Attleboro is a city in Bristol County, Massachusetts, United States. It was once known as “The Jewelry Capital of the World” for its many jewelry manufacturers….

Attleboro, Massachusetts
Population (2020)
• Total 46,461
• Density 1,700/sq mi (650/km2)
Time zone UTC-5:00 (EST)

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