Is Latron prime good?

Is Latron prime good?

12 Balance Pass, the Latron Prime’s stats are quite respectable for damage-per-shot. It has a high base damage with great crit and good status, though the high status chance is somewhat limited by its low ROF. Furthermore, with 90% Puncture damage, it can’t use its status chance to reliably proc Slash.

Is Latron good Warframe?

The Latron is a highly efficient rifle that performs well at medium and at long range, its accuracy making it a deadly weapon in the hands of skilled marksmen.

Is the latron Wraith good?

Latron Wraith can be good with a Cat and several Forma. As long as you like the feel of it then you’re good to go built for Crit chance and Damage it is Hunter Munitions viable.

Is Snipetron vandal tradable?

The blueprint and parts were also formerly a reward from the Sixth Season of Sorties. All components can be traded, although players must have a Mastery Rank of at least 5 to acquire the blueprint.

What mastery rank is braton prime?

The Braton Prime requires a Mastery Rank of 8 before it may be used by players and built using its blueprints and Prime parts.

Is Sicarus prime good?

The Sicarus Prime is a very accurate weapon capable of dealing large amounts of damaged when modded well. It may not have the largest stock of ammo or magazine capacity but it makes up with its damage output.

Where can I get HEK?

The Hek’s blueprint can be purchased from the Market.

Where is the latron Wraith?

The Latron Wraith’s components and blueprint were available as possible rewards in the eighth season Sortie missions. The “Magazine” is actually the spare ammo holder in the center of the gun, which is removed and replaced when reloading.

Is tiberon prime good?

While the Braton Prime is just a solid rifle overall, the Tiberon Prime pretty much outclasses it. It’s the best parts of the Braton Prime, Burston, and Latron Prime. Status, Hybrid and Crit. It’s so versatile.

Is tenora prime good?

Overall, the Tenora Prime is a very capable Rifle. It can take on just about any enemy in the game with its two firing modes, and is very well rounded in both high direct damage output as well as Status capabilities. Besides an issue of poor ammo efficiency, it has no major downsides or weaknesses.

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