Is it easy to change architrave?

Is it easy to change architrave?

Replacing your own architraves is relatively simple and we have created some easy steps to follow so your DIY doesn’t turn into a DI-whoops.

How do you remove window architrave?

Place the chisel in the gap created between the wall and the architrave when you sliced the caulk. Use the hammer to get the end of the chisel further behind the piece of architrave you are removing. This will begin to pull the architrave away from the wall.

How do you install window architraves?


  1. 1Measure the bottom architrave. First thing you need to do is measure the inside of the window reveal and add 5mm.
  2. 2Cut the architrave board.
  3. 3Attach the architrave to the window.
  4. 4Measure the sides.
  5. 5Cut the side architraves to length.
  6. 6Attach the side architraves.

What is an architrave around a window?

An architrave is the interior moulding – the decorative trim – that frames your doors and windows. It is used to both add to the look of a room, and to hide unsightly seams and joints in the wall. Most (but not all) windows have architraves.

What is an architrave switch?

What is a Architrave Switches? Architrave Light Switches are generally used in areas where space is restricted. Often used in between 2 door frames or close to corners or obstructions where a standard switch simply couldn’t fit.

Can you remove architrave without damaging plaster?

Hi, no you wouldn’t need to replaster your room. if you the carpenter takes them out carefully enough, they should come out fine with minimal damage to the plaster.

Do you glue architrave?

Once you’re happy with the fit, take one of the side pieces and apply some PVA glue to the mitred edge. You should also apply the glue to the matching edge of the head piece.

Are architraves necessary?

The simple answer is that is not a necessity but there are many reasons that you should consider using it as part of your interior design. The main reason is for style and decoration. Architrave can be used to add style to a room and can be seen as more than just a finishing touch.

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