Is Interislander or bluebridge cheaper?

Is Interislander or bluebridge cheaper?

In Summary. Bluebridge benefits: cheaper ticket deals, free movie showings, more cabins, overnight Wellington to Picton sailing, central Wellington terminal. Interislander benefits: more space, cheaper and more varied food and drink options, smoother sailing on choppy days (larger ships), outside seating.

What is the difference between the Interislander and Bluebridge?

Bluebridge offers a sleeper service on the ferry to Picton, which will enable you to get about six hours sleep in a private cabin. Both companies offer private cabins, but these sell out quickly and are especially popular with families and couples. Interislander only has cabins on one ship – the Kaitaki.

Which is the best Interislander boat?

The Kaitaki
The interislander ferries are large car ferries which provide a safe and comfortable trip across the Cook Strait. All offer indoor and outdoor seating, and a cafe.

How much is the ferry across Cook Strait?

1 x sedan (includes 1 driver): $169 – $245. 1 x campervan up to 5.5m (includes 1 driver): $169 – $245. 1 x campervan 6m (includes driver): $240 – $337.

How long does the Bluebridge ferry take?

approx 3.5 hours
Our journey takes approx 3.5 hours however please be aware weather conditions may occasionally slow our ships down.

Who owns Bluebridge ferry?

The family that owns the Bluebridge Cook Strait ferry service has sold the bulk of its transport business to an Australian equity company. Champ Private Equity has agreed to buy Strait Shipping, owner of Bluebridge, and Freight Lines from the Barker family, it was announced on Tuesday.

How old is the Kaitaki Interislander?

Current fleet

Name Built Notes
MV Kaitaki 1994 built 1994 as Isle of Innisfree; chartered by Interislander in 2005 as Challenger; renamed Kaitaki 2007; purchased in 2017 and registered at Wellington

How long does it take to cross Cook Strait?

3 to 3½ hours
The Cook Strait ferry crossing time takes 3 to 3½ hours. This wide timeframe is due to the nature of sailing across the sea – which is a bit like running on a slow-moving treadmill.

Is the Interislander still sailing?

The Interislander passenger ferry will sail tonight after earlier trips were cancelled due to 55 staff contracting covid-19 or isolating. Without enough specialist staff to crew them, two sailings today were called off.

Are Bluebridge ferries running?

Sailings are continuing as scheduled.

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