Is Idiyappam a carbohydrate?

Is Idiyappam a carbohydrate?

Nutrition Facts ( Per 100g ): Calories 130, Sodium 447 mg, Total Carbs 29 g, Dietary Fiber 2 g, Protein 3 g.

What nutrients are in ratatouille?

Nutrition Facts 80 calories; protein 2.5g; carbohydrates 11.9g; dietary fiber 3.7g; sugars 6.4g; fat 3.4g; saturated fat 0.5g; vitamin a iu 2134.6IU; vitamin c 63.7mg; folate 47.2mcg; calcium 39.6mg; iron 0.9mg; magnesium 33.9mg; potassium 541.3mg; sodium 26.6mg; thiamin 0.1mg.

Is Attieke a carb?

The content in lipid of attiéké shows an important variation and is about 0.15 to 3.28 ± 0.32 g/100g. Carbohydrates content varies from 36.6 ± 0.04 to 47.01 ± 0.1 g/100g and its ashes content is from 140 to 780 ± 20 mg/100g.

How much protein does Ratatouille have?

Ratatouille (1 cup) contains 11.1g total carbs, 8.3g net carbs, 12.3g fat, 2.1g protein, and 152 calories.

What is the nutrition of Idiyappam?

COURSE Quick breakfast

Value per per idiyappam % Daily Values
Calcium 1.8 mg 0%
Iron 0.1 mg 0%
Magnesium 6.1 mg 2%
Phosphorus 24.5 mg 4%

Is Idiyappam good for health?

Health Benefits : Idiyappam is a very healthy dish which consists of carbohydrates and fats. Since it mainly consists of wheat flour it can nourish you with rich fibers and minerals.

Is Ratatouille high in fiber?

Ratatouille is packed with dietary fiber, potassium, vitamins A, C and K, folate and much more. With so many vegetables included, you’re bound to meet the recommended daily amount of veggies your body needs.

How many calories are in 100g of Ratatouille?

72 calories
There are 72 calories in 100 grams of Ratatouille.

How many calories is Attieke?

How many calories are in Nayama Attieke, Cassava Couscous? Nayama Attieke, Cassava Couscous has 370.0 calories.

How many calories are in a cup of Attieke?

Mix the attieke and the water in bowl. 3. After the total absorption of the water by the grains, put the attieke in microwave during 2 to 3 minutes or to heat it in a couscous steamer while stirring with a fork….Nayama Natural Attieke Cassava Couscous.

Calories 370
Calories from Fat 20

Does Idiyappam contain protein?

Idiyappam served with Coconut milk, sugar and any type of kurma. Here we see, how to prepare idiyappam and their nutrient informations….Calories: 366 Kcal.

Macronutrients Nutrition Values Daily Values (%)
Protein 5.9 grams 12 %
Fat 1.4 grams 2 %
Saturated acids 0.4 grams 2 %
Dietary Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %

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