Is Covert Lethality still good?

Is Covert Lethality still good?

In fact, Covert Lethality is not worth using at all. Its modern day stats are a far cry from what Covert Lethality used to be. For 13 drain, you get +16 initial combo and +100% finisher damage. Those don’t sound too bad, but for the mod capacity, they’re not really worth it.

Where can I buy covert lethality?


  • Harrow Prime.
  • Nidus Prime.
  • Protea.
  • Sevagoth.
  • Yareli.
  • Is Karyst prime good?

    Vendor Sources. This master blade is the heavier, oversized and far more lethal version of the signature weapon of an extinct order of Tenno assassins. Karyst, with an even lower attack speed, but very high damage, good critical strikes, and good status chance. It also grants 10% movement speed bonus when equipped.

    Are daggers good Warframe?

    The Rakta Dark Dagger Deals radiation, slash and puncture damage, making it an all around decent dagger. It deals great damage to shields, and health. This dagger has the fastest attack speed of all Warframe daggers, along with awesome status and critical chance.

    How do you get a finisher in Warframe?

    As you can see in the image above, once you are behind an enemy that does not know you, you will be prompted to press the melee button to perform a stealth attack. This is a finisher, and will quickly send your enemy out.

    Where can I find rakta dark dagger?


    • The Rakta Dark Dagger can be acquired by reaching the Rank of Exalted with Red Veil, and spending 125,000 Standing.
    • Syndicate weapons can also be acquired via Trading, but only for unranked copies without Forma and Orokin Catalyst installed.

    How do I do finishers in Warframe?

    The easiest way to get finishers is by using Stealth Warframes. Ash, Loki, and Ivara all work very well, as they allow you to easily get behind an enemy undetected due to their stealth abilities. You can also use a Warframe like Excalibur, as Radial Blind will open enemies to a finisher.

    How do you get a stinging thorn?

    Stinging thorns can drop mainly from two enemies found in the Plains of Eidolon, one during the day and one during the night. You will need to look for normal tusk thumpers or tusk thumper doma’s during the daytime. They can spawn just about anywhere on the plain.

    Is Sheev any good Warframe?

    Although it has a slow attack speed, the Sheev gives a good status chance which can become very handle when modded with planning. Just like the Heat Dagger, Sheev also causes an explosion of fire upon slam attacks.

    Is Dark Dagger good?

    The base damage of the Dark Dagger is 35, and with Covert Lethality is 135. Elemental mods interact with that added damage. Forget the insta-kill when you’re stealth: the 100 damage on its own is a fantastic bonus, and makes all the daggers quite good. Not “the best”, but quite good.

    How is finisher damage in Warframe?

    Stealth Finisher Damage = Melee Weapon Damage × Melee Type Damage Multiplier ×(1 + Stealth Damage Bonus + Critical Multiplier)

    What does covert lethality do Wow?

    Covert Lethality is a mod that increases the base combo count of single daggers and deals double damage on finishers . It can be used on the following weapons: Ceramic Dagger. Dark Dagger. Heat Dagger.

    Is covert lethality the worst melee mod ever?

    Covert Lethality is, due to limitations on swearing, a horrible mod. It’s potentially the worst melee mod ever in warframe. We JUST got a new dagger stance, is anyone really going to care when we have Covert Lethality which makes every finisher kill 100% lethal? Dagger rivens are completely worthless because Covert Lethality exists.

    What is lethal damage in Warframe?

    Prior to Update 26.0 (2019-10-31), the mod possessed a unique mechanic called Lethal Damage, which refers to the ability to instantly kill an enemy upon performing a finisher attack regardless of their level or defenses. WARFRAME – LEVELING UP SOLO Looking for new ways to level up daggers without a squad.

    What is the best weapon for covert lethality?

    Sheev – most likely to help you open a can of beets If you’re running Covert Lethality, does the damage really matter? Meridian in the Streets. Suda in the Sheets. Sheev if you have it. If you have covert you dont need the damage. Sheev is a status fiend with the event mods. Dark dagger doesn’t come close even with the syndicate mod.

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