Is AWS welding Certification worth it?

Is AWS welding Certification worth it?

A Better Living: AWS Certifications can elevate the perception of welding as a competitive career, that can provide paths to lucrative and promising lifelong careers. A Commitment to Growth: AWS Certifications facilitate continued advancement of the industry, its businesses and its hard-working individuals.

How do I get my AWS welding Certification?

The AWS Certified Welder program is open to anyone with a talent for welding. Since the test is strictly performance-based, there are no prerequisite courses or certifications required prior to testing. If you are able to do the weld necessary to pass the test, then you are eligible to become an AWS Certified Welder.

How long does it take to get AWS certified welding training?

If you are starting a career in welding, we recommend taking a minimum of 3 classes. Of course, with any trade, the more training you receive, the better you are positioned within the job market. To complete all the classes, it would take about 6-8 months.

How much do AWS certified welders make?

As an American Welding Society (AWS) welder, your skills will be in demand in a wide variety of industries. The average pay for welders is $44,519 a year, but you can earn more with specialty skills.

What is a Level 2 welder?

Welder II joins, fabricates, and repairs metal and other weldable material by applying appropriate welding techniques. Interprets blueprints, specifications, diagrams or schematics to determine appropriate welding process. Being a Welder II inspects completed welds to determine structural soundness.

How much does AWS training cost?


Course Name Provider Cost
AWS Fundamentals Specialization AWS $39
AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials AWS $49
Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers: 1 Cloud Concepts LinkedIn Learning $34.99
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: All You Need to Know Pluralsight $29 per month, after free trial

Does AWS welding Certification help get a job?

Jobs in Welding Do you want to gain a competitive edge? Think about becoming an AWS Certified Welding Inspector or Supervisor. AWS credentials look great on a resume, and might give you the extra momentum you need to land your ideal dream job.

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