Is AUGH a grapheme?

Is AUGH a grapheme?

The grapheme ‘augh’ is a very rare spelling variation of the /or/ (or /aw/) phoneme. Words such as ‘taught’, ‘caught’ and ‘daughter’, however, are used very commonly. Note that there are common spelling alternatives for the whole words ‘aught’ (ought) and ‘naught’ (nought).

Is AUGH a word?

Augh is defined as an expression of frustration. An example of augh is what a team leader might say to themself when they cannot get all the members of a team to work together.

What word has AUGH?


  • laugh.
  • haugh.
  • aught.
  • faugh.
  • saugh.
  • waugh.
  • baugh.

What are ought words?

Ought is definitely an English word. It is a modal verb that is almost always followed by to + the infinitive form of a verb, as in these examples: They ought to be here by now. There ought to be a gas station on the way. He ought to have known better.

How do you pronounce AUGH?

⟨augh⟩ is orthographically rather similar to ⟨ough⟩, but admits much less pronunciation variation:

  1. /ɔː, ɒ/ as in caught, daughter, fraught, slaughter.
  2. /æf, ɑːf/ as in draught (US draft), laugh, laughter.

Is AUGH a Quadgraph?

All the phonics people — really, everyone — believe that *, *, and * are graphemes, which they call *quadgraphs.

What words end with AUGH?

5-letter words that end in augh

  • laugh.
  • haugh.
  • faugh.
  • saugh.
  • waugh.
  • baugh.

What is the biblical meaning of ought?

: moral obligation : duty.

What are some words with ow?

These words include;

  • Blow.
  • Throw.
  • Bow.
  • Arrow.
  • Down.
  • Growl.
  • Frown.
  • Cow.

How many sounds does AUGH make?

1 sound
Phonics knowledge The alphabet letter combination augh makes 1 sound.

What is a Quadragraph?

Quadgraph – A quadgraph is a four-letter grapheme that represents one phoneme/sound. For example, the ‘eigh’ representing the /ay/ sound in the word eight is a quadgraph. Schwa – Schwa is when a vowel phoneme/sound in a word is not stressed. For example, say the word mother aloud.

What is another word for Augh?

All words containing AUGH are listed here. aught, aughts, caught, claught, claughted, claughting, claughts, daughter… See the full list of words here!

How do you use Ough and Augh in a sentence?

They all bowed to the Queen. The bough was laden with apples. The open door caused a draught. This is the first draft of my speech. This completes the unit on ough and augh words. Go to unit summary. Please turn your screen to landscape to play this game.

Why are Ough and Augh so important to learn?

If you confuse these words the computer spellchecker will not spot your mistake – so it is especially important to learn them. You will have met most of these homophones in earlier units but they are repeated here as many people make mistakes with ough and augh words.

How many letter words contain Augh?

14 letter words containing augh 1 sl augh terhouse 2 sl augh terously 3 grandd augh ters 4 l augh ingstocks 5 d augh terliness 6 l augh ingthrush 7 t augh maconnell 8 dr augh tsperson 9 dr augh tproofed 10 d augh terboards Mai multe articole…

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