Is Asura more powerful than Goku?

Is Asura more powerful than Goku?

Goku. Vastly superior in all stats as Asura only peaks out at possibly 3-B. Goku is at least 3-B, and on the higher end of it, no less. Even if SSJG was used instead of the stronger SSB form, Goku would still beat Asura.

How did Asura beat Chakravartin?

Losing his composure, Chakravartin takes Mithra back and viciously attacks the demigod, throwing away his staves and engaging Asura in a fistfight that damages both fighters, but it quickly knocked away by the demigod.

How strong is Asura from Asuras Wrath?

Asura is one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) beings in the universe, possessing many superhuman abilities. Even among demigod standards, Asura is much stronger than most, with his strength and power lying in his wrath.

Can Goku beat Kratos?

Kratos can’t win. Goku and Vegeta are both easily capable of planet busting. Kratos is only a demigod and he’s not by any means immortal (he’s died twice already).

Who would win Kratos or Asura?

Asura takes this. He has a better and stronger charge attack that can be use on the ground or in the air compare to Kratos. He can also recover from attack faster as well. He also has a unlimited range attack.

Is Chakravartin omnipotent?

As the original source of or the, “Spinner of Mantra”, Chakravartin is, in theory, the most powerful being in the Universe. Through the manipulation of Mantra, Chakravartin is shown to be physically capable of accomplishing virtually any feat imaginable without any sort of effort required.

Is Kratos the strongest God?

Out of all the Gods of War, Kratos was the most powerful and fearsome one, since he had the powers of Pandora’s Box, the powers of the God of War that belonged to Ares, and plenty of weapons and magic from the other gods and the knowledge to use the godly powers by Athena after the death of his brother.

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