Is Alpha RF systems still in business?

Is Alpha RF systems still in business?

We are now assembling amplifiers entirely in house (with circuit board assembly in Ohio) and shipped the first “new” ARFSL amplifier in September 2016.… Alpha RF Systems, LLC is the latest management and ownership of the very well known Alpha Amplifiers business that has been in business since 1970.

What is RF amplifier?

A radio-frequency power amplifier (RF power amplifier) is a type of electronic amplifier that converts a low-power radio-frequency signal into a higher-power signal. Typically, RF power amplifiers drive the antenna of a transmitter.

Who owns Alpha amplifiers?

Mike Dishop N8WFF
As most people are aware the world famous Alpha product line has been acquired by Mike Dishop N8WFF of Dishtronix and Ten Tec, and two private amateur radio investors. The new company is called Alpha RF Systems, LLC or ARFSL for short.

What are the different types of RF amplifiers?

Amplifier Types

  • Broadband Amplifiers.
  • Gain Block Amplifiers.
  • Log Amplifiers.
  • Variable Gain Amplifiers.
  • Low Noise Amplifiers.
  • Coaxial and Waveguide Power Amplifiers.
  • Linear Amplifiers.
  • Bi-Directional Amplifiers.

Is Ten Tec still in business?


Where was the Ten Tec radio factory?

Sevierville, Tennessee
Ten-Tec used to have a large factory in Sevierville, Tennessee and would host an annual hamfest in the large parking area behind the factory.

Are RF amplifiers bidirectional?

Editorial Team – everything RF A Bi-directional amplifier is a device that supports two-way communications and amplifies the signal in both transmit and receive mode. It consists of a power amplifier (PA) at the transmit end and a low noise amplifier (LNA) at the receive end.

What are the main components of a RF amplifier?

Active Components in RF Circuits

  • Amplifiers. Amplifier circuits, often built around an operational amplifier, are extremely common in both low-frequency and high-frequency analog design.
  • Mixers. Another fundamental RF component is the mixer.
  • Phase-Locked Loops. Scroll to continue with content.
  • Data Converters.

What is the most efficient class of RF power amplifier?

The Class C Amplifier design has the greatest efficiency but the poorest linearity of the classes of amplifiers mentioned here. The previous classes, A, B and AB are considered linear amplifiers, as the output signals amplitude and phase are linearly related to the input signals amplitude and phase.

What happened ten-TEC?

In 2014, Ten-Tec merged with Alpha Amplifiers under the flag of RF Concepts. Then in 2015, RKR Designs, LLC of Longmont Colorado acquired the assets of Alpha Amplifier and Ten-Tec brands from RF Concepts. In 2016, Dishtronix purchased Ten-Tec. Dishtronix is still the owner of Ten-Tec and they have an online presence.

Who bought ten-TEC?

Dishtronix, an electronics design and manufacturing company, has purchased the assets of Amateur Radio equipment manufacturer TEN-TEC from RKR Designs.

Is Ten-Tec still in business?

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