Is a VC 50p worth anything?

Is a VC 50p worth anything?

How much is it worth? Collector Value: £1.20 is a mid-point price for Victoria Cross medal 50p coins marked as sold on eBay UK. The price range for a good condition circulated example of this 50p coin is between £1.04 and £1.25.

What is the most valuable 50 pence coin?

The famous 2009 Kew Gardens 50p remains the most coveted coin in circulation, with a mintage of just 210,000.

How much is a Paddington Bear 50p worth?

How much are the Paddington Bear 50ps worth? Paddington Bear 50ps have been known to sell for tens of thousands of pounds. In 2018, one of the coins sold for £16,000 after a student found a leaked one in her change before it came out and sold it on eBay.

How much is a diversity built Britain 50p worth?

At the same time, Change Checker values a standard, but certified BU copy of the coin at £4.50. Usually commemorative coins can fetch a fair amount on auction sites like eBay, so it’s not uncommon for sellers to make a good profit from something as low value as a 50p at face value.

Is a 1997 50p rare?

As well as its rare mintage, there is another catch that makes this coin so rare. According to The Mirror, the EC 50p was stamped on an older design of the 50p coin that was taken out of circulation in 1997- so you won’t find one in your spare change.

What is the rarest Paddington Bear 50p?

Paddington Bear Tower of London 50p, 2019 Other Paddington coins feature the bear at Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral and – of course – Paddington Station. The rarest is the latter, with only 5 million made.

Is diversity built Britain 50p coin rare?

2020 Diversity Built Britain 50p Coin – Mintage: 10,300,000 – Scarcity Index: 1.

How much is a 2020 diversity 50p worth?

2020 Diversity Built Britain BU 50p | Chards – £9.00.

Is a 1969 50p worth anything?

The Royal Mint puts 120m new 50p coins into circulation on 14 October 1969, which at the time was the biggest ever issue of a new coin – giving it almost zero rarity value. On eBay, 1969 50p coins can be bought for as little as 75p.

Are old 50p still valid?

No, or at least no-one’s obliged to take them and they aren’t legal tender. Per the Royal Mint: “Smaller version introduced September 1997 (Larger version introduced October 1969, demonetised in 1998)”.

What is the rarest 50p coin in the UK?

the Kew’s Garden 50p
The rarest is the Kew’s Garden 50p, which was designed to mark the 250th anniversary of the gardens in 2009. Only 210,000 coins were ever minted with this design. The Kew Gardens 50p sells for £156.25 on average, but one seller received over £700 for one when they sold it on ebay.

How much is a 50 pence Paddington Bear worth?

Where is the VC on a coin of 50 pence?

The letters ‘VC’ and ‘FIFTY PENCE’ are engraved on the bottom right of the coin, underneath both medals. The front facing coin features the imagery present on the centre of an actual VC – a bronze cross pattée. The medal features the crown of Saint Edward surmounted by a lion.

What is a VC medal 50p coin?

It is one of two VC 50p coins released that year, the other being the VC Heroic Acts coin, featuring a different design on the obverse, of which 10,000,500 were produced, making the VC Medal coin the most common of the two. The only other 50p coin released by the Royal Mint in 2006 was the standard Britannia 50p.

How much is the Victoria Cross heroic acts 50p coin worth?

The Victoria Cross Heroic Acts 50p is worth the face value of 50p however a 50p coin collector may be willing to pay around £1.25 for a coin in great condition to be be able to add it to their collection. How rare is the Victoria Cross 50p Heroic Acts coin?

How do I find the value of a 50p coin?

Coins are shown in highest value first order, scroll down through the coin checker – find your fifty pence to see the collector value guide prices last updated: 19/01/2021 19:55:31. Collector values for circulation 50p coins found in your change, prices are based on 200 recent eBay sales for each coin.

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