Is a derailleur guard necessary?

Is a derailleur guard necessary?

A Derailleur Guard Doesn’t Offer Universal Protection During a serious collision, the guard is very likely to bend and hit or compress the derailleur. Consequently, derailleur hangers are needed even when the bike has a derailleur guard because they further minimize the negative consequences of a crash.

What is a derailleur protector?

The Rear Derailleur Guard is designed to protect the bicycle’s rear derailleur and hanger from damage when transporting the bike in a car, shipping in a box or bike case, or while in storage.

Do all bikes have derailleur hangers?

Derailleur hanger is a replaceable bike part that connects the rear derailleur to the bike frame. Rear mech hanger is attached to your bike using bolts, screws or sometimes lock nuts/rings and then bike rear derailleur itself bolts on to the mech hanger. Almost all modern bikes with gears have it.

Should I remove spoke guard?

A spoke protector is necessary because it prevents the chain from digging into the spoke in case it falls between the spokes and the big gear cog. Also, in an accident involving the rear mech, the spoke guard acts as a barrier between the chain and the spokes.

What is a rear derailleur?

The rear derailleur is the mechanism that shifts the chain at the rear sprockets. There are many different models but they all share the same basic design and functionality. Derailleurs are secured to the bike with a mounting bolt to the frame’s derailleur hanger.

How do I protect my derailleur hanger? recommends wrapping your rear derailleur, which will still be attached to the bike via its cable, in foam padding or bubble wrap, and securing it to some part of your bike with tape or zip ties.

Can you put any derailleur on a bike?

A derailleur for your mountain bike should match the specifications on the original derailleur. That is, while it doesn’t need to be the same model of derailleur, it does need to be the same brand, in almost every case. It also needs to match the number of gears, or have more intended.

What does a mech hanger do?

A rear mech hanger is a sacrificial component part of a bicycle, designed to deliberately bend or break in order to limit or prevent damage to the bike frame and the other component parts of its drivetrain, when under duress.

Should you keep the dork disc?

The dork disc is necessary as it prevents the chain from reaching the spokes if the chain drops. Actually, the main function of the spoke guard is to hold the chain back from the spokes. In addition, the disc also helps to keep disc brakes free of oil and other forms of dirt coming from the chain and the cassette.

What is the plastic guard behind cassette?

Its a spoke guard. It prevents the chain from going between the spokes and cassette causing damage if you shift too far. This can only happen on badly tuned gears or old friction shifted shifters.

Can I put any derailleur on my bike?

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