How successful is Trunki?

How successful is Trunki?

Since launching in May 2006, Trunki has sold over 2.8 million suitcases in over 100 countries across the globe. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the company has won over 100 awards and Rob was awarded an MBE in 2011 for Services to Business.

What age group is Trunki aimed at?

What ages is Trunki suitable for? Trunki ride-on suitcases are suitable for children aged 3+ years and with a maximum weight of 50kg.

Who invented Trunkies?

Rob Law
Trunki is a brand of ride-on/carry-on hand luggage for children, designed by Rob Law. The product became well-known after featuring on the UK television series Dragons’ Den in 2006.

Are Trunkies good?

Bottom Line. The Trunki is super cute, kids will likely love it, and it is undeniably well-made. If you only have one little kid and don’t mind some extra potential work for you in the airport and beyond, it might be a winner for your family. However, I don’t need anything “extra” to deal with on a travel day.

Are Trunki good?

What is Trunki suitcase?

The original innovative ride-on suitcase for kids! Trunki is the ultimate travelling companion for globe-trotting tots. Designed to be used as hand luggage, kids can pack Trunki with all their favourite belonging whilst parents keep them in tow.

Why is Trunki successful?

Rob’s innovative approach to product design is responsible for much of Trunki’s success. In the last 14 years, the team has developed an expansive fun-meets-function product range that is sold in retailers like John Lewis, Boots and Halfords.

How strong are the Trunki suitcases?

All Trunki suitcases are made from strong, hard plastic. It is seriously tough as we’ve dropped it down a set of stairs (not on purpose) and there are no marks. As the case can hold over 50kg (100lbs) you could possibly get two children riding on one case.

What is a Trunki case for kids?

The clever Trunki designers realized children are happier when they can play with a friend, and a Trunki case is a character, so is a great companion for your little one while away from home. It’s a ride-on toy to play on while you’re in queues or waiting at airports or stations.

What is the age range for a Trunki suitcase?

Age Range: 3-6 years approx. Trunki suitcases are well-made, so you should have it for many years. Don’t be too concerned about the age range: your child will find plenty of uses for their case.

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