How old was Steve Vai in Crossroads?

How old was Steve Vai in Crossroads?

23 year old
“Thirty-five years ago today (March 14th, 1986), Crossroads was released and Jack Butler came to life! Special shout out to Arlen Roth, Ralph Macchio, Ry Cooder and Walter Hill for making this such a great experience for that 23 year old Steve Vai.

Did Ralph Macchio actually play the guitar in Crossroads?

As for Macchio, yes, the actor did actually play guitar in the movie though some of his parts were dubbed in. Director Walter Hill hired guitarist Arlen Roth to teach the actor to play, showing him a variety of techniques and essentially getting him to the point where he could mimic a majority of what was played.

Who actually played the guitar in Crossroads?

You probably remember Steve Vai’s legendary cameo, but the man behind much of the real guitar work in ‘Crossroads’ is often overlooked.

Who was Steve Vai in Crossroads?

Jack Butler
Eric Kirkland has shared a story via Guitar World on the epic 20-year quest to find the red Jackson guitar legend Steve Vai played as Jack Butler in the 1986 movie, Crossroads.

How many guitars does Steve Vai own?

Over at, you can admire the entire collection of 300-plus instruments, which naturally spans a huge number of Ibanez prototypes and one-offs, as well as all kinds of oddities besides, including various multi-neck designs, fan-made instruments and signature models from Vai’s shred contemporaries Joe Satriani.

How good of a guitar player is Ralph Macchio?

Ralph certainly learned quite a lot to be able to effectively mimic the guitar playing in the film. His acting has fooled millions into thinking it was actually him performing the guitar parts. In reality, it’s just a good actor doing his job very well.

Who played Ralph Macchio’s guitar solo in Crossroads?

Arlen Roth was Ralph Macchio’s guitar tutor for the film and played many of his pieces. According to Roth on his website, the final duel was arranged from parts played by him, Steve Vai, Ry Cooder and Bill Kanengiser, who did the classical playing throughout the film.

Where did Steve Vai go to college?

Berklee College of Music
Musicians InstituteCarle Place High School
Steve Vai/Education

Who was the dancer in Crossroads?

Gretchen Palmer
Crossroads (1986) – Gretchen Palmer as Beautiful Girl, Dancer – IMDb.

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