How old is VIVY Yusof?

How old is VIVY Yusof?

34 years (December 11, 1987)Vivy Yusof / Age

Is Lilit owned by VIVY Yusof?

While the 26-year-old did not reveal the name of the brand, many in the comments were quick to reveal that it was probably Lilit, which was launching its magnetic headscarves tomorrow. The modest fashion brand is owned by the FashionValet e-commerce website, founded by local entrepreneur Vivy Yusof.

How does VIVY start FashionValet?

Based on a concept they learned from websites like ASOS and Net-a-Porter, Vivy started FashionValet with her then-friend, now-husband, Fadzarudin Shah Anuar, in 2010. “We saw a gap in the online shopping industry in Malaysia, we knew that local designers were scattered all around and they didn’t have enough reach.

Who is the founder of FashionValet?

Vivy Yusof
Fadzarudin Shah Anuar
FashionValet Sdn. Bhd./Founders

How VIVY Yusof started her business?

On Business: Take risks Back in 2010, online shopping in Malaysia was not a yet a trend for us shopaholics. This inspired Vivy to start Fashion Valet with the aim to bring the latest fashion to our doorstep.

Where did VIVY Yusof study?

London School of Economics and Political Science2009
Seri Puteri School
Vivy Yusof/Education

What we can learn from Vivy Yusof?

It has taught her not to be selfish, that her children come first and every decision making would revolve around her children. Running her business empire requires her to travel a lot but since having her children she has cut down on her travelling activities.

Who is entrepreneur in Malaysia?

Tan Sri Datuk Gnanalingam is a well-known Malaysian entrepreneur. He is the current executive chairman and co-founder of Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a major port operator in Malaysia. In 1994, he founded Westports Malaysia Sdn Bhd. He built Malaysia’s largest privately-owned port through sheer hard work and dedication.

What is dUCk VIVY Yusof?

Founded by entrepreneur Vivy Yusof, dUCk launched in May 2014, and was born out of the love for well-branded scarves, aiming to convey the message that wearing scarves should be a celebrated act among women.

What we can learn from VIVY Yusof?

Why I choose Neelofa as my idol?

Why I choose Neelofa as my idol because she’s never give up in anything that she do . Although she has failed at her first try, but she kept trying to success. On her effort that never give up, now Neelofa Hijab increasingly and develop and well-known.

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