How old is Edwina Alexander?

How old is Edwina Alexander?

48 years (March 29, 1974)Edwina Tops-Alexander / Age

Who is edwina Tops-Alexander husband?

Jan TopsEdwina Tops-Alexander / Husband (m. 2011)Johannes Augustinus Petrus “Jan” Tops is an equestrian from the Netherlands, who won the gold medal in the team jumping event at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain riding Top Gun. He did so alongside Piet Raijmakers, Jos Lansink and Bert Romp. Wikipedia

How many times has Edwina Tops-Alexander been to the Olympics?

Tops-Alexander has represented Australia in the Olympics on three occasions, in Beijing in 2008, London in 2012, and Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and she has accumulated two top ten placings from her Olympic appearances.

When was edwina Tops-Alexander born?

March 29, 1974 (age 48 years)Edwina Tops-Alexander / Date of birth

Where is Edwina Tops Alexander based?

Sydney, Australia
Edwina Tops-Alexander (born March 29, 1974 in Sydney, Australia), is Australia’s leading show jumper and one of the highest ranked female riders in the world.

Does Australia have a show jumping team in Tokyo?

As Australia’s dressage riders prepare to start competition and the eventing riders and horses settle into Tokyo, it seems that the Australian show jumping team for Tokyo 2020 has been stopped in its tracks.

How many horses does Edwina Tops have?

Edwina and Itot du Chateau during the recent Qatar GCT (Sportfot photo). There are 12 employees, three riders and around 35 horses at Stal Tops, and when Edwina isn’t away (she competes 50 weekends a year), she rides five to eight horses a day. “Some horses I ride twice a day depending on their program.

What helmet does Edwina Tops Alexander wear?

Edwina says: “I’m proud to be an ambassador for Suomy, a leading company in design and construction of protective helmets reserved for sport in various disciplines. Today is a big day, as Suomy is launching Apex, an equestrian helmet with high safety standards and an elegant and minimalist appearance.

What happened to the Australian equestrian team?

Australia will no longer have a show jumping team at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Who is representing Australia in Equestrian?

Andrew Hoy will represent Australia at an unprecedented eighth Olympic Games, extending his own record of seven as the most Olympic appearances by an Australian athlete, while Mary Hanna becomes the first woman to make six Australian Olympic Teams.

What’s in your tack trunk?

Horse Care Supplies Rags: You’ll use rags for cleaning your horse, tack, and whatever else. Poultice: This is great to help with any soreness after a long day. Horse Boots: Bell boots, sport boots, front boots, etc. Horse Leg Wraps: For trailering, standing in the stall, showing, etc.

Where does Katie Laurie live?

Laurie married her husband Jackson Laurie in 2014. They have a daughter Grace, born 2015. They were based at Mystery Creek in Hamilton, New Zealand, before moving to Australia to a 1000-acre site in New England (New South Wales).

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