How much was a commercial for the Super Bowl 2020?

How much was a commercial for the Super Bowl 2020?

Inflation-adjusted average cost of a 30-second ad spot….

Characteristic Average advertisement cost in million U.S. dollars
Super Bowl LIV (2020) 5.6
Super Bowl LIII (2019) 5.3
Super Bowl LII (2018) 5.2
Super Bowl LI (2017) 5

What is the cost of a 30-second Super Bowl commercial 2020?

$5.6 million
In 2020, FOX Sports raked in $5.6 million per 30-second Super Bowl commercial….Cost of a Super Bowl Commercial Over the Years.

Year Cost of a 30-Second Ad
2019 $5.2 million
2020 $5.6 million
2021 $5.5 million
2022 $6.5 million

How much is a Super Bowl commercial cost?

The average 30-second Super Bowl commercial in 2021 cost $5.6 million to air, and they got even pricier in 2022. Here’s a look at just how much advertisers have had to pay for ads each year, and how many people have been tuning in to watch them.

What company had the longest commercial in last year’s Super Bowl?

Anheuser-Busch made its largest-ever advertising purchase for Super Bowl LIII, with eight ads (one 60-second spot, four 45-second spots, and the remaining being 30-second spots) covering seven products in five brands—including Budweiser, Bud Light, Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer, Michelob Ultra, and Stella Artois.

How much JLo get paid for Super Bowl?

Reuters reports the 2020 show with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira rang in at $13 million. Lady Gaga’s 2017 performance, where fans saw a pre-recording of her cascade down from the top of NRG Stadium, wasn’t far behind with a cost of $10 million, according to Yahoo finance.

How much did a 30-second Super Bowl commercial cost in 2021?

Super Bowl commercial price history

Year Price of 30-second commercial
2019 $5,300,000
2020 $5,600,000
2021 $5,500,000
2022 $6,500,000

How much did a 30 second Super Bowl commercial cost in 2021?

How much did Pepsi pay to sponsor the Super Bowl?

$2 billion
Pepsi secured the halftime show rights in 2012. According to the Wall Street Journal, the soda company paid more than $2 billion securing its name on the show. Before Pepsi, Bridgestone had the rights to the Super Bowl halftime show. The auto parts manufacturer paid over $10 million annually.

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