How much time does it take to reach Delhi from Chennai by train?

How much time does it take to reach Delhi from Chennai by train?

Chennai to New Delhi Fastest Train: To reach New Delhi, this train takes 28hr 25min hours. The train departs at 06:05:00 from Chennai MAS and arrives in New Delhi NDLS at 10:30:00. Fri, Sun is when the 12433 Mas Nzm Rajdhani operates.

Which trains are running from Delhi to Chennai?

New Delhi to Chennai Egmore Train Time Table

Train No./Name Departure Duration
12622 NEW DELHI – MGR CHENNAI CENTRAL Tamil Nadu SF Exp 21:05 33H 10M
12616 NEW DELHI – MGR CHENNAI CENTRAL Grand Trunk SF Exp 16:10 36H 20M
12652 HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN – MADURAI Tamil Nadu S Kranti Exp 05:20 34H 30M

Is train available from Chennai to Delhi?

There are 10 weekly trains and 2 daily trains that run from Chennai to Delhi , covering the shortest distance of about 701 km by RAJDHANI EXP(12433).

How many days will it take to travel from Delhi to Chennai?

It takes approximately 30h 1m to drive from Delhi to Chennai. Which airlines fly from Delhi Airport to Madras Airport?

Which is the fastest train in Tamilnadu?

The Vaigai Superfast Express is a super fast express train running daily between Madurai and Chennai via Tiruchirappalli operated by Southern Railway zone of the Indian Railways….Vaigai Superfast Express.

Vaigai Superfast Express at Chennai Egmore
Service type Superfast Express
Locale Tamilnadu
First service 15 August 1977

What is the flying distance from Delhi to Chennai?

Chennai to Delhi

Aerial Distance 1760Km
Road Distance 2194Km

Which highway runs from Delhi to Chennai?

National Highway 48
National Highway 48 (NH 48) is a National Highway of India that starts at Delhi and terminates at Chennai traversing through seven states of India….National Highway 48 (India)

National Highway 48
Length 2,807 km (1,744 mi)
Major junctions
North end Delhi
South end Chennai

Which is the cleanest railway station in Tamilnadu?

Kumbakonam station is also rated as the fifth-cleanest station in India and the cleanest station in Tamil Nadu, according to the survey of major railway stations for cleanliness ranking in 2016 commissioned by the Railways.

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