How much is the entrance fee in Laiya Batangas?

How much is the entrance fee in Laiya Batangas?

Entrance fee is 100 pesos and even though we had no need for a cottage, they required us to pay for one. So we did, we chose the smallest and the cheapest. What’s good with One Laiya Beach Resort is that they offer a free entrance for children below 12 years old, senior citizens and drivers (1 driver per vehicle).

Who is the owner of La Luz beach resort?

Mr. Rommel
With the owner of La Luz, Mr. Rommel.

Is Laiya Batangas white sand?

Laiya: Batangas’ Best White-Sand Beach Laiya is a long stretch of white-sand beach along which there are multiple private resorts to choose from. The sand is not as white and powdery as that of the well-known beaches on Boracay island, but it is the next best alternative if you prefer to vacation somewhere in Luzon.

Where can I go overnight in Batangas?

Club Balai Isabel. clubbalaiisabel.

  • Nayomi Sanctuary Resort. nayomiresort.
  • Villas by Eco Hotel. ecohotelph.
  • The Farm at San Benito. Reset your mind, body, and spirit at the tranquil sanctuary that is The Farm at San Benito.
  • Cintai Corito’s Garden.
  • Hotel 1925.
  • Crusoe Cabins.
  • Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort.
  • What is famous in Batangas?

    The most famous places to visit in Batangas are:

    • Fortune Island.
    • Laiya Beach.
    • Anilao Diving Spots: Eagle Point, Bahura, Secret Garden, Twin Rocks, and Ligpo Cave.
    • Masasa Beach.
    • Matabungkay Beach.
    • Sepoc Beach.
    • Caleruega Chapel.
    • Mt. Batulao.

    How can I go to Laiya Batangas by bus?

    The fastest way to Laiya is via San Juan. Take ALPS Bus from either EDSA Nepa Q-Mart, Araneta Center Cubao, or Alabang Grand Terminal to San Juan, Batangas. The earliest trip leaves at 3:00AM and the last trip departs at 5:00PM. ALPS Bus has 12 total departures per day.

    What is Laiya Beach known for?

    Laiya has white sand beaches and clear waters, and as such is frequently compared to Boracay, which is the country’s top beach choice for local tourists, celebrities, and foreign tourists alike.

    Are there white sand beaches in Batangas?

    Located in San Juan, Batangas, Virgin Beach is a long white sandy beach where you can your family can relax and unwind. The long beach also houses different resorts and home stay that you can stay at when you visit the area.

    What is the nearest beach in Batangas from Manila?

    Matabungkay Beach
    A: One of the closest beaches near Manila by car located in Batangas is the Matabungkay Beach. This beach can be found in the town of Lian, which is 2 to 3 hours away from the metro.

    What are the 4 cities in Batangas?

    Batangas City.

  • Lipa.
  • Santo Tomas.
  • Tanauan.
  • How do I get into Laiya Batangas?


    1. Ride a bus (ALPS) at Cubao and drop off at the Bus Station in San Juan. (Travel Time = 3-4 Hours, Fare = P198)
    2. Go near the market and ride a jeepney going to Laiya. Tell the driver to drop you off at Virgin Beach Resort.
    3. You can also charter a tricycle from the terminal but expect it to be pricey.

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