How much does paithani saree cost?

How much does paithani saree cost?

Online Shopping at Myntra Price List

Online Shopping at Myntra PRICE (RS)
VASTRANAND Brown Zari Silk Cotton Paithani Saree Rs. 1270
Mitera Orange & Golden Paisley Design Zari Silk Blend Paithani Saree Rs. 1999
Mitera Yellow & Golden Paisley Design Zari Silk Blend Paithani Saree Rs. 1999

Which is the best Paithani?

Top 20 Paithani Saree Designs

  • Baby Pink And Lilac With Peacock Motifs.
  • Parrot Green Body And Orange Embellished Pallu.
  • White And Chilli Red Saree With Oblique Border.
  • Checked Body And Orange Pallu.
  • Purple Saree With Gold Bangdi Booti And Oblique Border.
  • Orange Saree With Paisley Design And Real Zari.

What is pure Paithani?

Yeola Paithani is a handwoven saree made with very fine silk, a rich ornamental zari border and pallu. It is known as Rajvastra making it one of the most expensive sarees in India. Paithani is a precious heritage that is passed on from generation to generation.

What is the price of Bangalore Paithani?

Wholesale Market paithani sarees Provide by Leading Wholesalers bangalore

Sr No Product Name Price
4 Pure Paithani Silk Saree 1950
5 Designer Paithani Soft Lichi Silk Saree 475
6 Wedding wear Paithani silk saree 2500

How do I know if my Paithani is real?

To identify a real handwoven Paithani saree, inspect its designs on both sides. They must be mirror images of one other. A saree with visible threads on its reverse side proves it was machine-made and, thus, a fake. A genuine Paithani also uses specific colors (blue, purple, magenta) and is heavy.

How many types of Paithani sarees are there?

Types of Paithani Sarees: Paithani sarees are broadly classified into two categories – Traditional and Brocade.

How many types of Paithani are there?

Types of paithani Paithani can be classified by three criteria: motifs, weaving, and colours.

What are the different types of Paithani sarees?

Here are the five types of Paithani sarees that deserve a place in your wardrobe:

  • Bangadi mor Paithani saree. In Marathi, “bangadi” means bangle and “mor” means peacock.
  • Ekdhoti weave Paithani saree.
  • Paithani sarees in traditional colours.
  • Brocade Paithani.
  • Munia Brocade Paithani.

Why paithani saree is famous?

The Paithani sari has its origins in antiquity, hailing from the royal dynasties of the medieval town of Paithan near Aurangabad. Named after the town, the sari is believed to have been originally made with the finest silk threads from China and pure zari that was spun locally.

Which state is famous for paithani saree?

state of Maharashtra
Paithani (Marathi: पैठणी) is a variety of sari, named after the Paithan town in Aurangabad district from state of Maharashtra in India where the sari was first made by hand. Present day Yeola town in Nashik, Maharashtra is the largest manufacturer of Paithani.

Which is the famous saree of Maharashtra?

Paithani sarees
The famous traditional silk sarees of Maharashtra are the Paithani sarees. A hand-woven saree …

What is Narayan Peth saree?

Narayan Peth saree is very popular in and around Sholapur district of Maharashtra. It is a traditional Maharashtrian saree that weaves mainly in this district only. Narayan Peth sarees come silk and cotton fabrics. It is designed with the contrasting zari border, with and a unique silver lined palla.

What is a Paithani saree?

Paithani Saree is a type of silk saree that is hand woven and is traditionally a favourite amongst the women of Maharashtra. This saree is named after a town in Aurangabad, Maharashtra called Paithan and is one of the most expensive silk sarees in the country.

What is authentic Paithanis?

Authentic Paithanis, all handwoven on our own looms using the best materials. A true labor of love woven by skilled artisans who weave every thread of this royal fabric by hand.

What makes this peach Pallu saree look so special?

The silken, shimmery peach pallu gets an energizing look from the blend of blue, purple, green, and red munia and peacock motifs. The Ikkat style triangles make this saree traditionally appealing and luxurious.

Why are the sarees of Maharashtrian women famous?

The sarees are known for their beauty and the famous peacock motifs on the saree. These beautiful sarees are a favourite of Maharashtrian women for their immense beauty and elegance. The sarees have a rich history behind them as they were made from silk imported from other countries with zari that was spun locally.

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